#2 – Flat Earth Opens Your Mind – Richard Brandon Fake Travel To Space

Why do we believe the Earth is round?

The truth is it’s because either your mother told you or the schools told you so. You were a child and children usually don’t question against anything they are taught. They just accept what they are told because they believe anything adults teach them. They trust adults.

Like when your mother told you to drink milk everyday because it’s good for you.

It’s not until we are much older that we start to question things and realize that some of the things we were taught were not true. Most likely because the person who told you never challenged what they learned. They just accept everything as a child and believe is all their lives.

This is a vicious circle. No one questions anything and eventually when someone does question something. They are not inside the circle anymore and seen as crazy or as a threat.

Before the internet. It was much harder to leave the vicious circle. Due to not having so much information at our hands(cellphones)

Flat Earth is an excellent theory. It’s not about weather its true or not. It’s about questioning something that has never been questioned before by the people around us.

The majority of people if you were to ask what the Flat Earth theory is. They will simply say that the theory is that the Earth is Flat and you fall off it at the end. But that’s all they know about it because they fail to investigate more and understand why people find it interesting.

Flat Earth sucked me in. It opened my mind to why we accept things without actually doing your own research.

If you look online hundreds of main websites and mainstream media censor flat earth people.

Why? Because they are hiding something or don’t want people critically thinking. Critical thinkers are a threat to the current system we live in.

We need more of them.

Richard Brandon barely left the atmosphere. In his video you can barely see the curvature of the Earth.

Even if you take a Flat Earther on the same flight. You would still not be able to verify if the Earth is flat or not.

I am familiar very well with the Flat Earth Theory and in my opinion it’s not far enough to see if the Earth is round or not.

If i went on that trip. I would not be convinced. I would need to go further.

I also think Richard Brandon’s video is fake. There is something in my gut that says the video is staged.

The flat earth theory and many other theories has opened my eyes much easier to spot video actors.

I’m not saying the Earth is flat or round. I am saying they are both possible and it’s important to research both theories.

Here are some pictures of where Richard Brandon “traveled” into “space”

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