#4 Bruno Mars Is a Female to Male Transgender and so is 98% of Hollywood Celebrities.

Hollywood has many hidden secrets. Hollywood has many hidden agendas.

Here is a agenda that i just learned in the last couple months that Hollywood has been secretly pushing in front of everyone’s faces.

98% of celebrities are transgender but they didn’t want you to know this.

98% of female celebrities were actually born male.

98% of male celebrities were actually born female.

So why would they push this agenda? Why haven’t people figured this out?

One must understand that Hollywood runs on Satanic values. Satanism is about inverting everything that is God. God stands for Good. Satanism stands for evil.

The evidence has always been there. I have never noticed it because I do not follow celebrities nor am i obsessed with celebrities. I’ve always known for many years Hollywood is trash so I don’t waste my time on useless garbage.

But billions of people are brainwashed by the Deep State financed Entertainment Industry into loving, obsessing over celebrities and spending their money to support celebrities.

Little to people’s knowledge. Hollywood has been secretly pushing out transgender celebrities without telling anyone. Just like they started pushing the Gay celebrity agenda many years ago.

The reason they kept it a secret is because they are trying to indoctrinate people into becoming gay or lesbian so the traditional family will not exist anymore.

Most people would say that ridiculous! But from what we see around us is that the younger generation are more and more part of the LGBT community. This confirms that humans are easily programmable if you push enough propaganda towards them at a young age.

When you actually sit down and spend many hours researching Hollywood. You will find the truth. It’s right in your face.

As you can see in the pictures below. Bruno Mars has many feminine features.

I would post many more images but it’s up to you to do your research.

Here is a good video that researches trans-humanism.


The video credit goes to McAllister TV Channel. I highly recommend this channel


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