#5 Bitcoin Will Become The World’s Reserve Currency

Bitcoin. Such a powerful word. A word that many LOVE and a word that many HATE.

This digital currency is on it’s way to become the world’s reserve currency.

What is a “world’s reserve currency”? Well in simple terms it’s the currency that the world trusts the most. The currency that most rich people keep their savings in. The currency that keeps it’s value and does not devalue as much as the rest of the other currencies. It’s all about TRUST.

Which currency is currently the world’s reserve currency? The U.S.A. dollar.

So why would Bitcoin replace the U.S.A. dollar as the new world’s reserve currency?

Because the world is starting to wake up and realize that the U.S.A. dollar is not actually an American dollar but in fact it is a private banking currency owned by private bankers and it is a PONZI scheme. It’s meant to keep us poor, in debt and enslaved.

The humans are waking up!

These humans all around the world have been transferring/converting their savings from fiat currencies and into Bitcoin as soon as they get paid. They have been doing this for many years. This has caused the U.S.A. dollar to lose trust and Bitcoin to gain the trust.

Remember money is all about trust.

The tricky part is the private bankers have pushed out propaganda and have infiltrated the education system to dumb down the population and not understand the banking system. So even though the U.S.A. dollar is a ponzi scheme. Most people are not able to understand so they just “trust” the media when they tell everyone that the U.S.A. dollar is safe and the best.

The U.S.A. is currently trying to get rid of the U.S.A. dollar and bankers and implement a real American dollar owned by Americans.

I will post in the future explaining why World’s Reserve Currencies always change and fall throughout history.

I will give you a clue. It has again to do with the satanic banking families and their political puppets around the world.

Here is a great picture of the past world’s reserve currencies.

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