#6 Why Does Flat Earth Make People Angry? Because Flat Earth Requires Intelligence.

Have you ever tried to talk to someone about Flat Earth?

Want to know what happens when you do? Well most people get angry and get defensive. They might call you names like “stupid”

98% of the time they will not even know the theory of flat earth. They just heard it’s stupid in the media and not even bother to investigate or learn about it.

Why does this happen? You won’t even be able to explain to them what the theory is about.

It’s called “cognitive dissonance”

The education system in almost every country is controlled by the same system. The central banking system. Their objective is to dumb down the children and make it so they are not able to critically think. This system has been in place since the beginning of time. The bankers have had control of the education system from the start. They control was is taught and was is learnt. Even if someone dropped out of school and tried to learn on their own. The controlled the books as well. Therefore, anything you learnt from books, were books that were allowed to be published by the bankers.

It wasn’t until the Internet came around that they started to lose control. Anyone could easily start their own website and publish their own information and challenge all the books that were written.

The internet has opened our minds and destroyed the control the bankers have had on our minds. As the years went by with access to the internet more and more humans became much more intelligent and started to realize the truth. The everything we have been taught was a lie and the truth was not easily available to us.

This is where the flat earth theory comes in. All of our lives growing up we were taught that the earth is round and we should not question it because it was already proved and we would be wasting and look stupid if we tried to say otherwise.

It was all about “trust the science” or “trust your leaders”

This indoctrination of “trust” and “do not question” is heavily pushed throughout or youth and even into human’s adulthood. By the time someone is an their adulthood. These adult are now brainwashed and anyone that tries to question their brainwashed beliefs will face anger or frustration from them. They will try to push that person challenging them away.

So when you try teach someone about the Flat Earth Theory they will push you away. Their brainwashed mind cannot handle processing this information.

Flat Earth Theory requires you to think deeply and requires you to spend hours researching both sides of the argument. But the government schools don’t teach you how to research things property or how to debate someone. Remember.. government schools teach you to trust your leaders.

The internet has self taught millions of people around the world how to critically think and research property. It’s free education.

The internet is freedom!

So in conclusion flat earth is a good way to find out if someone if still indoctrinated by the government brainwashing.

Regardless or not if the Earth is Flat or not. Flat Earth Theory is for intelligent people because it requires intelligence to understand it.

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