#7 Twin Towers 9 11 was a planned attack by the Deep State & Puppet President George Bush

Who remembers the twin tower attacks? If you are old enough then the majority of that generation around the world remembers the twin tower attacks. It was a world event and one of the biggest lies and crimes against humanity.

The Bush Jr. Administration along with the Deep State Satanists was behind this attack. Their goal was money and death.

They lied to the world and told everyone that some terrorists hijacked planes and crashed it into the towers and that the fire brought down the buildings.

What is sad is that people actually believed it. What is even sadder is that there is still many out there who still believe the official narrative.

Even more. They used it as an excuse to start a war in Iraq. They pushed propaganda and tricked hundreds of thousands of soldiers around the world to go fight for “freedom” in Iraq and Afghanistan which resulted in them murdering millions of innocent of iraqi civilians.

It is obvious that the building had explosives inside and it was a controlled demolition.

Here is two videos of controlled demolitions.

and here is a video of the actual tower collapsing

It’s doesn’t take a genius to figure out it was a controlled demolition. Unfortunately the IQ of the general population is low.

My next post will be about how the Deep State likes putting clues of their evil plans in movies. They love to brag about their plans. The 9 11 controlled demolition plan is inside many of the Hollywood movies.

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