#8 Soldiers will kill you. Police will kill you. Why the Second Amendment is a defense against your own government thugs who will follow unlawful orders for a paycheck.

Governments around the world have brainwashed their own citizens to think that they should fear weapons and having access to weapons will make the country and neighborhood unsafe.

They have been doing this decades after decades. Slowly dumbing the population down and making them willingly give up their weapons. It’s worked!

This past week watching Canadian Truckers protect peacefully is an excellent example of what happens when the citizens are no longer armed.

Hundreds or maybe thousands of Canadian Truckers have stationed their trucks around and within the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa. Honking their horns and not planning on moving them until the mandates are gone.

The problem is the corruption politicians have started to send out their paid thugs “police” from money which they steal from the citizens with something called “taxes”

Within a week we’re already starting to see police thugs walking around with weapons.

Why police thugs allowed to carry around weapons while the citizens are not? Because governments are not stupid. They know when things get so bad. The police will shoot without second guesses.

If things get even worse. They will send the camouflage thugs. The soldiers.

One example is the police taking the fuel from citizens who were trying to transport the fuel for the truckers. Why did the citizens give up their fuel? Because they are unarmed. If the citizens and all the truckers were armed. The police would not dare take their fuel.

This is why every citizen should always own a gun. This is why the United States Second Amendment is one of the greatest thing on Planet Earth.

“Right to Bear Arms”

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

This could of all been avoid if people never got the fake fraud-19 injection to begin with. But I can’t blame Canadians. They have been dumbed down by entertainment, and the terrible education system they must attend. The satanic public school which is really a government school. On top of everything they are fed is terrible for their health.

Canadians just like everyone else around the world are victims of the Deep State System.

Are the police and government workers, soldiers also victims? Yes.

The only thing is when people start waking up to the reality that governments want to kill you or take your freedoms and that you have been brainwashed.

So now we have 2 brainwashed groups of people. The citizens and government thugs.

The citizens will be the first to wake up from their brainwashed slumber. Why?

Because government servants always get a paycheck. They will not go hungry and the government will always support them first. Remember their job is to protect the government and not protect the people.

Because politicians are criminals. They always need protection.

There is more citizens then government thugs. But when the government thugs are armed and the citizens are not. The outcome may not turn out well.

The second amendment must always be protected. Never give up your weapons and always teach your sons and daughters of the evil within all governments and their paid thugs.

Teach them to property use a weapon and the responsibility of a weapon.

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