#9 – Why don’t protestors wear helmets, gloves, steel toes boots? Because they’re not very smart and it’s their first time for fighting freedom.

Billions of people around the world have been protesting since the day I was born. It seems last year(2021) and this year(2022) are the years I have seen the most protestors in my life.

(Picture Above – Liberte means Freedom in French)

The protests have spread to almost every country in the world. Almost everyone is finally waking up and opening up their eyes to the reality that every single politician around the world has pledged allegiance to themselves and not the people of the country that they are supposed to be governing.

The politicians around the world have formed a group/cult and they work together in order to push their agenda. This politicians are raised, groomed & financed by banks from the day they were born to the day they die. The banking elites goal is a one world government, suck every penny from us and enslave us into a system on control. We will be slaves.


(Picture Above – Libya Protests)

The majority of population has not been aware that 99% of the politicians are bought and paid for from a young age by banking elites. The young politicians futures are planned and they must obey orders or be disposed of. They are a slave of the banking elites.

Citizens around the world are finally becoming aware of this. They around protesting all around the world in every county for the same goal “Freedom for the people”

Once thing I have noticed except for 1 country is that the majority of protestors around the world have one thing in common.

They do not wear basic head, body or feet protection.

(Picture Above – Women getting roughed up & arrested by police. Canada I think.)

It amazes me how all around the world almost nobody wears any sort of protection. Is this their first protest? Do they not have a brain of what the police and military is capable of? Do they think giving hugs to police will make police change their mind? Did their parents never teach them anything?

After thinking about this. I’ve come to the conclusion that protestors are not the brightest people and they have most likely never fought for freedoms or understood in the past what fighting for freedoms or freedom means.

The citizens of every country have much more power in numbers then the corrupt government that controls their lives.

Almost all pictures of the protests around the world show police covered up from head to toe. But not the people.

(Picture Above – Canadians civilians vs Canadian police)

Why don’t the citizens wear any basic protection? Do they not look of videos of protests around the world? Do they not realize that the police forces eventually start hitting, kicking them? Throw tear gas at them which there is plenty of videos online of the canisters taking out eyes or breaking their eye sockets or nose.

Come on protesters! Use your critical thinking skills.

Unfortunately most protestors do not have the capability to critically think. The government schools do an excellent job of teaching the child to trust in authority and let them do the thinking for them.

It sad to see protesters losing eyes to tear gas canisters and will be disabled for life. When something cheap and a helmet and visor could of saved them from a life of disability.


Remember the goal of the game is to stay in the game. You must protect your body.

There is one protest that sticks in my mind. It was the Hong Kong protests. The citizens of Hong Kong demonstrated they were prepared to protest. They had helmets, gloves, eye protection and even umbrellas.

When i traveled to some Asian countries in the past. I found Asians were much smarter in basic general knowledge such as wearing basic protection in protests, sunscreen on the beach, using umbrellas to protect your skin from the sun & wearing masks when sick.

I found asians who immigrated to the west had the same basic general knowledge. It must of been passed down from their parents.

But asians born in the west… Didn’t..It seems the west makes asians who were born in the west much dumber.

The bad thing is asians seem much more compliant to authority which leads them into communism.

Always teach your friends, family and children to wear basic protection at protests.

The police will have to use much more force and it will show the world that the police are evil humans who work for the government and satan and not the people or God.

Frankly, every citizen of the world should have at least 1 AR-15 rifle in their home. Because the government and their thugs have no problem shooting you if they have to.

Governments know this. This is why their thugs are always well equipped and protected.
They have been robbing the people for centuries. Governments are not dumb. The people are.

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