#10 – Deep State Satanic deception is everywhere. Amouranth from Twitch is a transgender. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Once your eyes have been opened to the Satanic Agenda of transhumanism. You start to connect the dots, that the Satanists have been pushing transgenderism since the beginning of time and it has been right in front of our eyes. We were just not aware that this was going on. We were very much asleep.

It wasn’t until recently in 2000 when Hollywood started pushing their “Gay” agenda to the mainstream sheep through their tv shows and movies. They have been slowly pushing the gay agenda for years since it has to be pushed slowly or the sheep will not accept it. Gay is now almost fully accepted by most people and most people are afraid even to speak against it.

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So what’s next? The next agenda is transgenderism. But does it mean they want you just to accept transgender people? NO. It’s worse than that. The goal of this Satanic agenda is to brainwash your kids at a young age and get them to invert their gender and to start taking drugs “hormone” blockers.

The Satanists have also slowly been changing laws so if the parents don’t agree with this. They will take the kids from them. So even if your child at an age of 6 wants to change their gender. The government has the right to take the child from you. The Satanists do not see the child as your child. They see the child belonging to them.

The Satanists have brought out transgenderism slowly to the mainstream since around 2015. Because they know the masses will now slowly accept it since they’ve been brainwashed into accepting gay and have been pressured into not speaking out against it. If they do speak out against it. They will get “cancelled” fired from their job and called hundreds of names by the Satanic controlled Main Stream Media.

But the Satanists are much smarter than that contrary to what most people believe. They have been secretly pushing transgenderism since the beginning of time through Hollywood.

99% of Hollywood artists are already transgender. YES 99% OF HOLLYWOOD ARTISTS ARE ALREADY TRANSGENDER.

Tell this to someone and what do they say? Nah you’re crazy! You’re a conspiracy theorist!

I’m not going to lie. This was extremely hard for me to accept years ago when my eyes were closed. I quickly would disregard it and I would not even spend any time researching the claims.

The government school system has taught us to not question anything and not to research anything.

After years of researching Religion, Satanism, the banking system, military, corruption in politics and our education system. It all starts to make sense and you are able to gain your critical thinking skills.

Hollywood from the beginning has always been a Satanic organization. Based on Satanic values. Since Satanic values would never be accepted by the masses. They have been slowly brainwashing the masses into accepting Satanism without the masses being aware they were been brainwashed.

Once you understand the Banking System you realize that the Satanists/Deep State/ Illuminati or the many names they are known for control the world and have infiltrated every sector of this world.

Nearly all the world leaders puppets, Hollywood and CEO’s of Deep State controlled companies. Which is nearly all the important ones or companies that have power to influence the masses are all transgender already.

It is extremely easy to spot transgenders once your eyes are open and have researched into the difference between XY(Male) and XX(Female) chromosomes.

I believe decades ago “hormone” blockers were not yet invented and the research was still active into this drug. So Hollywood’s only choice to hide transgender features was with plastic surgery. This is why it’s easy to spot most of the transgenders in Hollywood since they did not have access to hormone blockers and only plastic surgery. The older generation aged transgenders are so easy to spot.

Hormone blockers are a game changer and work extremely well. It’s hard to spot a transgender if the transgender took took hormone blockers as a child or in late teens. You could still spot the transgender features if you pay attention to closely but it might be impossible or have no yet had voice surgery or adam’s apple surgery.

This brings us to Twitch. Twitch is Deep State funded and controlled company. So it’s automatically known that they will support and push the transgender agenda. But they cannot openly push their transgender agenda as there is still too many religious people who hold God values in the world. Satanism is about deception and inverting everything.

Twitch has many contract workers who they fund and push to the top with artificial numbers. This is so women believe if they dance around a webcam all day they will eventually become millionaires. Which is not true. Most will have to work all day to make decent money. But that’s the deception.

It accomplishes two things.

1. They get much more real traffic which equals more money.

2. They get many constant users trying to become rich day after day which equals more money.

Amouranth is one of these workers. She is artificially inflated through numbers and kept in the top position. Who knows how much money she really gets and the Deep State might have her hostage somewhere in their underground bunkers.

Take a look at the video and link below.

Amouranth is a Tranny – Twitch Psyop [TRANSVESTIGATION]



But the Deep State handlers used her because she is a transgender. Either willingly or forced. The XY(Male) features are extremely easy to see once your eyes are open.

Once you start actively searching for transgenders in high position of power you start to realize they are everywhere. They are everywhere because the Deep State has been actively pushing their transgender assets into place since the beginning of time.

How crazy does this sound? Extremely crazy that it’s not believable to people who are asleep.

But once you understand how the Deep State works and their agendas. It’s hard to unsee it.

There is nothing wrong with an adult wanting to take hormone blockers or changing genders. The problem comes when the Deep State is actively using deception to push their Satanic agendas to enslave everyone and control everyone. They goal is to destroy the family unit and take your children and do as they wish.

Deep State is the enemy of humanity.

I leave you with a video from McAllister TV which helps you spot transgenders in Hollywood.



Once you see it. You can’t un-see it.

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