#12 – Hello Talk App Review – AMAZING Voice Rooms Feature But Censorship Kills It

There is an App called “Hello Talk” It believe it was first released around 8 years ago. I did not start using it until 3 years ago. The app recently in the last months added a AMAZING almost revolutionary new feature. I am surprised no one thought about this feature decades ago. It is so simple yet revolutionary. A feature called voice rooms. Microphone chat with multiple users at once while others listen.

I’ll explain first what type of app it is then go further into it.

Hello Talk app is a language exchange app. Like every other language app and website. You just search for users learning the language that you are trying to learn. In my case, I am learning Chinese. 99% of the users that show up will be users in China.

Since my native language is English and English is a popular language considering the whole world is trying to learn English. I would get normally 10-20 messages per day. I had to add in my profile that I am not accepting anymore messages.

Once you find a language exchange partner. You would just talk back and fourth. Most times the messages consisted of sending messages in Chinese text and the other user replying to me in English text.

It could be a little boring but that was all you could do. Until years later they added voice messages. You could speak and it would record your voice. You could now practice your spoken language and your language exchange partner could listen to it one on one. The app became much more fun. But nothing revolutionary.

It wasn’t until several months that they added a new feature called “voice rooms” and is still currently in BETA. This feature is so simple yet “revolutionary” I’ve never seen or used this type of feature on any other website. I’ll explain how it works.

Who can create voice rooms? You must first ask permission with Hello Talk to be able to host their own voice room. Yes you need to request permission. Meaning if someone has reported you the Hello Talk Team will most likely not give you permission. But most reporting happens in the voice rooms. I’ll tell you why in a while.

The Rules:

So once you have permission to create your own voice rooms. You will have put a small paragraph about the topic of the room. Some users use topics such as “what’s your favourite food” , “What is important for you in life”, “How much money is enough for you”, “Let’s sing together” and you pick the language that will be spoken inside the room.

I found that rooms with the description “politics”, “money”, “religion”, “faith”, were some of the most popular. But guess what? Those type of topics are the topics that are forbidden on the app.

The thing is the Hello Talk Team has to wait until someone reports the rooms as there is too many rooms to monitor each one. Remember almost anyone can open up a voice room registered on this app. So 99% of the reports are coming from the users and not the Hello Talk Team.

So now that you have chosen a title for your room. Let’s pick ” What are some pros/cons of your country”. Second you pick the language “English”. That’s all you need. You click “open” and the room is open. But it’s empty you are the only user. Do you have to invite users to your room? Nope!

Since you picked the room language to “English” The room becomes visible to all the English learners around the world and since billions are learning English. Many users are able to see your room. English rooms seem to be the most popular with users from all around the world coming into your room. What is also important is that “English Rooms” are visible to English native speakers. This is important. Keep that in the back of your mind. I’ll explain that later.

So now that our room is open. Users who are learning English & Native English Speakers start to enter the room. There is 2 sections inside the room. “On Stage” & “Off Stage”

On Stage is the section where you can voice chat with the host. There is a total of 8 seats available. Meaning 8 users can voice chat at the same time. Just like when you go out with your 8 friends and you sit around the table and chat. You need to take turns. If you all talk at the same time. You will not be able to hear each other. Unless one of your friends is much louder. People on stage can mute their microphones in case they need to go for a snack.

Off Stage is the section where you can listen to the conversation of the On Stage people. You can only listen and not talk. Your microphone will not work. You can though in fact write comments in the chat and put in your opinion about what the On Stage people are talking about. What if you’re tired of listening and decide you want to join in on the conversation? You Can! You just need to click “raise your hand” on the app and the host will see that you want to go “On Stage” If there is a spot “On Stage” the host can allow you. If there is no spot the host can take someone “Off Stage” or ask someone to willing leave the stage.

Some of the issues i spotted is some users will talk non-stop and not allow others to talk. Some users talk about their relationships issues non stop. I have seen females cry on the app and we listened. I have also seen a fight between 2 Indian citizens. In fact i found most of these issues amusing.

Some issues I spotted with hosts is they don’t kick members off stage who have terrible microphone manners or whose dogs is barking in the background and other various issues.

Now let’s talk about WHY this is revolutionary.

Have you ever been able to chat with strangers on the internet about serious matters or small talk?

Yes. I have all my life. I have loved talking to random strangers on the internet all my life. The issue was finding them. It’s not easy to find random strangers on the internet in the past. Fast forward to these days…

It’s much easier now.. especially on social media. BUT many of the users are BOTS. Especially on since the social media sites are using bots to push their particular agenda. So none will be willing to debate you on serious topics. Because they don’t exist!

You will be wasting your time trying to debate users on social media since many of them are fake. If you do manage to get a real person. Most will not be willing to do a voice chat. But one on one voice chats get old fast…. plus no one can hear what you talked about.. your knowledge will be lost to others. There is no human connection.. Plus who has time to setup a one on one voice chat with everyone’s busy lives and different time zones.

VOICE ROOMS! you are the host and you wait for people to come in. You don’t need to invite anyone. Strangers just come in if they are not busy.

As a moderator i did not allow 8 people on stage. Usually only 1 or 2. I talked to many different users from all around the world.

The issues most of the users explained to me was that they were not able to practice speaking because some users did not allow anyone to talk. There was always 1 user who would do the talking. The host did not step in.

Another issue was that the host forced everyone to introduce each other and since there is 8 users on Stage at the same time. It takes a while until it is your turn again and since many hosts do the same thing. You go from room to room introducing yourself. You will become a master of introducing yourself but you will lack deep conversation skills. You don’t get much of a chance to practice English.

It gets frustrating for English learners. Especially for ones that need English to improve their quality of life or for their job. For me learning Chinese is just a hobby. I don’t need it for anything. I got no pressure.

I talked to many users one on one and it was extremely entertaining and rewarding. Not only did we talk about serious issues in the world. They were able to improve their vocabulary at a deep level of English skill and create a human connection through our voices.

What’s even more important others were able to listen to our conversation which they were able to contribute in the comments and it also gave them a connection that wanted them to come back to the room and have a one on one conversation to improve their English and also more importantly knowledge. Knowledge is power.

One of the most interesting things i ran into was that i was able to have voice conversation with people in my own country and neighboring countries.(USA)

This is extremely important since Facebook, Twitter and other Big Tech websites are suppressing free speech. I confirmed what I have always suspected. That Big Tech has been trying hard to cut off the human connection with our people inside our own countries in order to bring in communism and hide the truth of everything.

I talked to many Americans on Hello Talk and I also confirmed what I have known but hard to confirm unless you physically go to the USA and have a chat with random Americans. That the education has been modified in order so that Americans would not have knowledge of their own country’s history and not understand the constitution and would dumb-ed down.

Yes! many of the Americans I talked to on that App are not very bright. Their IQ is very low on political issues, economic issues and the world FREEDOM scares them. In fact it seems to make them angry. They also seem to be afraid to give their real opinion. The Big Tech and Democrats agenda has been succeeding. To destroy America by infiltrating the education system.

On another note. Americans seem to have a BIG issue with identity. How many Americans did i talk to that identified themselves as another Nationality?

It’d be like me(who is Canadian) meeting someone for the first time saying Hello! I’m From South Africa! I’m Chinese, Russian! Oh i’m also Half Indian!

Others(who are American) call themselves Mexican but have never stepped foot inside Mexico and don’t speak Mexican….

I did meet some Americans who get asked “What are you” by immigrants and when they say I am American” immigrants don’t believe them because they are not white. I could go further on this issue but it seems Americans are confused and not sure how to handle this situation.

But it’s something I am used to as living in Canada and living around Canadian Citizens most of my life. Canadian’s are also not very bright. Possibly dumber than Americans?

The solution to this is STAND YOUR GROUND and educated the person asking you nicely. No need to get angry and ruin your day and his. He probably has a low IQ.

In fact I have been thinking of starting a business where i teach Americans who they are and how to handle their identity. lmao

I’m not sure how may new Canadian immigrants that i became friends with here in Canada have told me asked that people are “different” here, “life” is different. Immigrants seem to be afraid of telling it how they see it as they think i might get offended.

I then go ahead and speak the way i do. I say ” Canadian’s are retards. It’s like talking to a brick”

A Women Talking To A Canadian

When I say that they then giggle and are willing to explain much more deeply their concerns of being an immigrant.

I think the issue here is that immigrants come from a country where they need to “survive” they need to “critically think” and adapt fast or they starve. There is no government handouts or credits cards in many of the 3rd world countries. YOU STARVE

In Canada? and USA? There is lots of social programs. Handouts everywhere. No need to think. Government will take care of you.

What I am trying to say it that Voice Rooms are an excellent way to debate others and improve your IQ and also educate others on their own country if you understand their country much better than they do.

and most important THE PEOPLE ARE REAL. They are not bots.

People are much more comfortable talking in voice rooms with their microphone then going on camera.

The issue is that Hello Talk doesn’t allow talking about political issues or religion or many other issues. It is an app made in China so I’m not surprised as China is anti-freedom and a communist government.

But let’s not forget that users are the ones who are doing the reporting. In my experience American far-left seem to be the ones who get the most upset about political issues, religion or gun issues. They will continue to argue with you and eventually get so upset that they will report you.

Immigrants seem much more open to debating issues and gaining knowledge. Most will nicely & simply will let you know that they do not want to talk with you about a certain issue.

Here is my first report. I always like to sign up to websites and push their limits. To see how much of the Truth you can speak on them. Twitter is WAY worse then Hello Talk. But that’s because i believe they have perfected their algorithms to automatically detect content against their agenda of Truth.

Facebook is even more worse, completely garbage. Not even worth signing up to Facebook.

From listening to the voice rooms. I have overheard that others have received much more reports then 1 and even banned from the voice rooms. or banned for even much more simpler things.

I’ve also heard speculation that workers for Hello Talk sit in the voice rooms listening to see if rules are broken. I would suspect that every conversation is recorded on servers and storage infidelity.

I can’t verify that but that’s what I would do if i was a communist and in the future use that against people.

In the picture is says you can’t talk about “countries” LMAO WHAT?

Frankly. If you want to learn a language. I would recommended this app due to the interaction that you cannot find anywhere else. Unfortunately due to the censorship on it I can’t give it a high score. Although, It is one of the best learning languages apps out there. We will just have to wait or create one ourselves and steal the voice room idea.

I will try to pass this information and get this voice rooms on GAB.com Gab is one of the best free speech websites out there.

If you don’t agree with Hello Talk. Do not get a VIP subscription. Hit them where it hurts. MONEY.

I will create another post in the future of why corporations and governments are actively suppressing anyone from talking about Religion & Politics.

No. It’s not because it will create conflicts. They are trying to hide the truth and if you ban people from talking about Religion & Politics you will be able to hide the truth from them.

Religion & Politics are extremely important to talk about with others in order to find out the truth that governments and corporations are keeping from us.

We don’t want you talking about “Religion & Politics” because it will create conflicts is an EXCUSE.

This voice room feature needs to be implemented on free speech websites such as GAB.


But not as revolutionary as Bitcoin!

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