#13 -The Truth about why we aren’t allowed to talk about Politics & Religion.

Do you ever wonder why Corporations & Governments have been for decades slowly pushing the “Do not talk about politics & religion”?

Well it’s very simple. If people never talk about politics then they will not be able to understand politics. They will not be able to see the corruption. They will not be able to make an educated vote during an election.

Throughout the years. I have not learned much about politics from people. Whenever you ask others questions about politics most people will say “I don’t really like talking about politics” or during family events you will get answers like “Come on! this is a family dinner. No politics” Most of what I have learned has come from the internet.

Come on! this is a family dinner. No politics!

So when exactly can we talk about politics? It seems like there is never a moment that we can talk about politics. But this is EXACTLY what governments and corporations want.

It’s a form of indoctrination & brainwashing people over time and it works!.

Governments & Corporations do not want anyone informed about politics and to be able to understand politics because Corporations are heavily involved in politics and influence and support political party with large sums of money. Governments also don’t want the population smart enough to understand that Governments favor and work for Corporations and not the people.

If people start to understand politics. People will become more involved and talk much more often about politics. Educating each other over time and everyone will lose the FEAR of talking about politics and start to see the corruption. They will also stop obeying everything the Governments orders them to do.

An educated population who is much more aware of the corruption in politics and understands politics is a threat to the current political establishment and corporations.

I have been fighting this all my life. I have never stopped talking about politics online & in real life. Even when someone tells me not to talk about politics in a group setting. I will not obey. If it’s one on one i will respect their decision to not talk about politics and move on to find someone else. Politics is extremely important. We must never stop talking about it and educating ourselves and others about it.

Educate the sheep

Note that I am talking about discussing politics with others at home, online and in face to face. At the workplace it is a little different. My priority has always been to get my work done, make money and go home. Socializing at work is not really my priority.

The problem is Corporations have been trying to “cancel” people for talking about “politics” online because employees “represent” the company but that’s another story.

and how about Religion?

Religion is another topic they have added throughout the years. Depriving people of religion removes people of their morals and makes people who talk about or believe about religion “crazy”

Talking about and investigating religion is also extremely important. It helps us find out the truth.

What truth? What that’s for you to learn and decide what truth religion has.

I love talking about religion and learning & researching all kinds of religions. Respect to people who stay strong to their religion in spite of all the suppression and negativity that Governments push towards religious people.

God is on your side.

By trying to indoctrinate people into not talking about certain subjects it stops the human connection, brings fear and divides us.

Think for yourself! Free Yourself from the indoctrination. Do not be a puppet.

Do not be a puppet!

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