#15 – The separation of “Statutory Holidays” & Governments is the future

I hate forced holidays. But what i truly hate is governments forcing holidays on everyone.

Why do I hate forced holidays? Because forced holidays are against free market & capitalism.

Holidays make absolutely no sense. From researching online many Holidays are based off religious customs but have strayed far away from their religious traditions. They have become secular holidays or some other non-sense.

Christmas is a good example of a holiday that was originally celebrated as the birth of Jesus. Which has slowly strayed away from the birth of Jesus and into a celebration of materialism by non-religious people.

Even as you do some research on the history of Christmas. You realize its supposed to be a religious tradition but there is debates that December 25th is not the real birth of Jesus and also that Christmas has a lot of Satanic(Pegan) ties.

Pagan Roots of Christmas

There is also debates by real Christians that Jesus did not want anyone to celebrate his birth and anyone who celebrates Christmas are not real Christians.

Easter is another holiday that strayed away on purpose from religion. Halloween is another terrible holiday based on Satanic traditions.

People who are critical thinkers or become awake to the world around us start asking questions like “so why exactly are we celebrating these holidays?” & “I’m not religious so why exactly am i supposed to celebrate Christmas?”

Well the biggest reason people celebrate things is because we are “forced” into not working that day. We are forced into staying home that day and since business are usually closed that day. We are forced to go along with non-sense holidays and most people just go along with things like getting the “safe and effective” vaccine.

Being forced to not work sounds fine for many people because most people hate their jobs and do not actually or have ever run their own business. They are just a worker slave bee. But for the business owner. They think differently.

The problem is if you want to go out shopping or for dinner on a salutatory holiday. Many of the business are closed during statutory holidays. Boring!

What’s worse is during Christmas if you want to take a trip somewhere warm. The tickets are crazy EXPENSIVE because everyone is off during Christmas and might also be trying to book a flight.

It is punishment to send everyone on holidays at the same time every year even the ones who don’t celebrate all these silly holidays. It is communism! It is not a free market or capitalist society. Governments need to step away from holidays. Holidays should be a private matter and not a Government matter.

Forced Work Parties are “Fun”

The biggest loss during holidays is SMALL BUSINESS. Small and local business are forced to pay their workers extra wages if they are required to work on a holiday. Many small business cannot afford to pay their workers extra wages so therefore they have to stay closed during holidays.

How about big corporations? Big corporations can afford to pay their workers extra because they run monopolies. They kill off small business, bribe politicians and get tax benefits much more than small business. If you pay attention most small business are usually closed and big corporate stores are open.

Small business have a hard time as it is and forcing them to pay their workers extra wages forces them to close their doors during holidays which makes the big box stores richer and eventually bankrupting the local business. Let’s not forget how the Government forced small business to close their doors but not big corporations.

Government Forced Small Business To Close Which Bankrupted Many Small Businesses.

What is the solution?

The solution is a libertarian free market capitalist policy. That there would be no recognized holidays in the country. Not even one holiday. This means business would not be FORCED to pay anyone extra wages on any day of the year. They could pay their workers the same wage all year round and this would allow them to stay open during holidays and stay open 24/7 365 days a year and maximize their profits.

How would the Christmas holidays work? EASY! Considering there is lots of people in Canada who do not celebrate Christmas. These people would be more then willing and happy to work during Christmas. What would be the benefit of working over Christmas for these people? EASY! Many other people celebrate their own traditions which are celebrated in January or February but normally their job does not allow them to take time off during those months and again are forced to take holidays during Christmas even though they don’t celebrate it.

Even myself I would happily work during Christmas so I could take my vacation during January or February and get CHEAP flights to travel and explore anywhere in the world!

What happens if no one wants to work during Christmas? Well the business owner can negotiate with the employees on extra wages to work that day or just stayed closed.

So does that mean the employee would be required to work every single day without holidays?

No it does not mean that. The employee can pick and choose their own holidays any time during the year. The employee still has lots of power and employers are usually happy to work along side the employee.

Happy Employees

The biggest issue currently right now is the fact that the employee gets paid in their countries currency which is meant to devalue over time. So they can never get ahead and can never afford to take a holiday. If their currency did not devalue over time and actually gain value over time. Then employees could easily take holidays without worrying over money. This would actually empower employees and force employers to negotiate higher wages. But employers would be able to afford it considering they could stay open everyday of the year.

The thing is employees usually blame the employer of their financial situation and inflation because employees do not understand how the fiat currency system works and that it is a ponzi scheme to keep you poor and never allow you to leave your job or improve your life.

The solution is for employees to keep their savings in Bitcoin.

Save In Bitcoin

But in conclusion:


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