#16 – Flat Earth FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I found this post online on Gab and thought it was extremely informative. I did not want it to get lost and should be saved forever. You can send this page to people who are new to Flat Earth.

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Frequently Asked Questions (part 1 of 2)

Q: If the earth is flat, then why are all the other planets spheres?

A: First, and most importantly, earth is not a planet; it’s a realm. Planets are just wandering stars in the firmament. They are not solid objects.

Q: Why is the moon a sphere, and why are we able to see the earth’s shade on the moon?

A: If the moon was a spinning sphere, it would be impossible for us to always see the same exact image on it all the time. God created the moon to change shades to tell us the day of the month. A month is only supposed to be 28 days, and there’s supposed to be 13 months in a year. The Satanic controllers of our world changed it to 12 months to throw everyone off of God’s system. If the moon was shaded by the earth and reflecting light from the sun, then the moon’s light would be warm. The moon’s light is not warm; it’s cold; it has a cooling effect. By the way, the moon’s image is a map of the earth.

Q: Are you saying that the moon landing was faked?

A: Yes, that’s precisely what I’m saying. NASA says the moon is 238,000 miles away. Do you really think our low quality technology in 1969 was able to go that far? If we could go there back then, then why can’t we go there now? Do you really believe NASA when they say that they lost the directions to the moon? The moon is not even a solid object. The moon landing was a complete hoax, designed to hide the firmament, hide God, and brainwash the world.

Q: The Bible says earth is a circle, so why are you saying the Bible says earth is flat?

A: A circle and a sphere are two different things. The Bible states that the earth is a circle, made with a compass, laid upon a face, and that it’s bounded at its ends. It states that the earth is unmovable and covered by a firmament. It’s states that the firmament separates the waters below the firmament from the waters above the firmament. It states that the sun, moon, and stars are in the firmament, and that they are revolving above us, providing light upon the earth.

Q: Is flat earth is Satanic?

A: Heliocentricity is Satanic. Spinning balls, a solar system, and heliocentricity is what the Khazarian Jews preach. Khazarian Jews are Satanists. The Bible teaches earth as an enclosed geocentric realm. So no, flat earth is not Satanic. Globe earth is Satanic.

Q: What’s the difference between heliocentric and geocentric?

A: Heliocentric means the sun is the center of the universe. Geocentric means the earth is the center of the universe. The Bible states, that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. God then describes how he created the sun, moon, and stars after that, to give light upon the earth. If God created a heliocentric universe, then he would’ve created the sun first.

Q: If earth is a flat disk, why don’t we fall off?

A: Earth is not a disk. It’s an enclosed realm. Earth is grounded. Earth is not revolving around the sun or through space. Earth is the center of the universe. Even if earth was a disk whirling through space, it would be more logical that you would fall off of a spinning ball than a flat disk.

Q: Don’t you realize that gravity holds us to the earth?

A: Gravity is a hoax, created by Satanic Freemasons. The reality is: Things fall and rise depending on weight and density. If “gravity” was so strong to keep all these super deep oceans stuck to a spinning ball, then how are all the birds and bees able to float in the air so effortlessly?

Q: If earth is flat, why doesn’t the ocean water fall over the edge?

A: You live in an enclosed realm. You live in an electromagnetic terrarium, surrounded by an ethereal sea of water. Antarctica is a 360 degree ice wall that surrounds our known world and holds our known oceans in. Water always requires a container. The natural physics of water is to always find and remain level. Water does not stick to a ball, especially not a spinning ball.

Q: I’ve seen the Flat Earth Society website. Can’t you see that it’s ridiculous?

A: The Flat Earth Society is controlled opposition. It’s a government-funded diversion, designed to make you think that flat earth is ridiculous. True flat earthers don’t endorse that organization.

Q: Why do you believe in flat earth?

A: Flat earth is not a belief; it’s not a theory; it’s a provable fact. It’s provable in many ways. Military documents show that no spinning, rotating, or curvature of the earth has ever been detected. Our military equipment, including lasers and radars, would not be able to work on a ball. Especially not a spinning ball.

Q: Why are there no real pictures of the flat earth?

A: Why are there no real pictures of the ball earth? The blue marble image you always see is a painting. NASA even admits that it’s photoshopped. There’s a reason NASA calls all their stuff images and not photos.

Q: Can you show me a map of the flat earth?

A: Sure, it’s right here below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (part 2 of 2)

Q: How do you know for sure that there’s a firmament dome above us?

A: During Operation Fishbowl, our military rockets hit solid at approximately 250-300 miles above the earth. NASA tells us that ‘outer space’ is a vacuum. If that’s true, and if there’s no firmament dome that separates earth’s atmosphere from ‘outer space’, then we would all get sucked out into ‘outer space’.

Q: If there’s a dome above earth, how do the asteroids and meteoroids get through?

A: Those things don’t actually exist. They only exist in NASA’s CGI imagery, the fake news, and in the Sci-Fi movies you watch. It’s all fear propaganda and mind control.

Q: Why would NASA lie about the shape of the earth?

A: Well, they’re paid $63 million per day to pull the wool over our eyes. That’s one motive.
Also- NASA is a government agency, owned by the Satanic Rothschild family. Have you ever known these people to be honest and benevolent? Why is NASA the only government agency that people blindly trust?

Q: I’ve flown all around the world, so how is that possible if the earth is flat?

A: Running around your neighborhood doesn’t make your neighborhood a sphere. Track athletes and Nascar drivers go around in circles and end up back where they started.

Q: Why don’t airplanes hit the firmament when they fly?

A: Airplanes fly at approximately 6 miles high above sea level. The firmament dome is approximately 250-300 miles high. It’s also important to note that airplanes don’t dip their nose when they fly, which would be necessary if earth was a ball. A speeding airplane would not be able to land safely on a ball that was spinning and rotating thousands of miles per hour. Also, note the term ‘sea level’. Level means flat. Water always lays flat. Water doesn’t curve around a ball.

Q: Why do people in Australia see different stars than people in America?

A: They don’t; they just have a different vantage point. The stars are attached to the firmament, and the same exact stars always revolve around the north star. The stars tell the time and the seasons.

Q: Where’s the north star?

A: The north star is directly above the magnetic north pole (the center of our flat earth). The north star never moves; it’s always in the same exact spot. If the earth was truly spinning, rotating, and whirling through an infinite universe at hundreds of thousands of miles per hour like NASA claims, then it would be impossible for us to always see the north star in the same exact spot.

Q: If Antarctica is an ice wall, why don’t people go there and take pictures of it?

A: The Antarctic Treaty prevents anyone from going anywhere near Antarctica (with the exception of small guided tours from South America, which only shows a very small speck of Antarctica). Ask your government why you’re not allowed to go to or freely explore all of Antarctica. Ask them why the United Nations Military guards Antarctica so strongly all the way around. Ask them what they’re hiding. Ask them why you’re not allowed to go to the magnetic north pole either. What’s in Antarctica and the north pole that they don’t want you to find?

Q: If the earth is flat, why doesn’t the sun light up the whole earth at the same time?

A: The sun is not 93 million miles away like NASA claims. The sun is local; its light and heat travels with it. The sun’s crepuscular rays prove that it’s close to us. The fact that clouds can often be seen behind the sun, also proves that the sun is close.

Q: If the earth is flat, then how do we have seasons?

A: The moon is always on the same path; it always circles above the Equator. However, the sun changes paths, between the Tropic of Cancer, the Equator, and the Tropic of Capricorn. That’s why it’s Winter in Australia when it’s Summer in America, and vice versa.

Q: If earth is flat, then how do we have eclipses?

A: The sun and moon are circles but not spheres. When they cross paths over the Equator, you will see a chemical reaction (an eclipse).

Q: We don’t see the curvature of the earth because we’re too small on a cosmic scale, don’t you realize that?

A: The Satanists tell us the earth is a spinning ball 25,000 miles in circumference. That equates to a curvature drop of 8 inches per mile squared. Which means if you can see a 10 story (or smaller) building from 5 or more miles away, the earth is not a ball… You don’t feel so tiny anymore, do you?

Q: Is flat earth a psyop?

A: No, globe earth is the psyop. The flat earth truth destroys every single one of Satan’s psyops.

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Here are so extra pictures i found online that will help you understand how flat earth looks like. It’s difficult to understand at first but once you see it in physical form. It makes much more sense.

Famous Flat Earther holding a physical model of Flat Earth
CGI Image of Flat Earth including Sun, Moon and firmament.
Close up of Flat Earth Sun & Moon without firmament.

GIF of how the sun and moon rotate.
Another GIF of how the sun and moon rotate.

5 hour video below that is extremely informative and explains tons of information.



Flat Earth is amazing but it is extremely hard to explain quickly. I requires 3D images and videos or even better physical models but the most important is it requires an open mind.

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