#17 – My advice to Bitcoin beginners from a Veteran Solider of the Bitcoin Army.

I have owned 1 whole Bitcoin for several years now and have been through so many Bitcoin wars.

Why have I not sold even after it was worth 67,000 USD? Why do I continue to keep it?

It’s because I understand Bitcoin and I understand what the evil bankers are trying to do and I know over the long run Bitcoin will become the world’s money.

In short my advice:

Stick to Bitcoin ONLY.
Do not purchase any other crypto coins
Use Bitcoin as a long-term savings account(longer then 5 or 10 years)
After you purchase Bitcoin. DO NOT KEEP IT ON THE WEBSITE YOU BOUGHT IT.
Find a friend or family member who understands computers and Bitcoin to teach you where to store your Bitcoin after you’ve bought.

I am a #WholeCoiner

Every year we hear “Bitcoin is dead” or “Crypto has crashed”

In Long:

For beginners this is very scary. A lot of “Crypto” or “Bitcoin” beginners get scared because of this and sell their Bitcoin and vow to themselves to never again get into Bitcoin.


They want to scare beginners into selling their Bitcoin and never coming back but why?

The bankers are afraid and know that Bitcoin is going to destroy their banking system. They know if they do not interfere with Bitcoin is going keep going up slowly and slowly every month and forever until Bitcoin becomes the world’s reserve currency.

So think about that? What you do if you were a banker? I will tell you exactly what they have been doing and what they continue to do in order to discredit Bitcoin.

The bankers use 3 strategies.

  1. They pump and dump Bitcoin
  2. They create other “Crypto” coins similar to Bitcoin and pump and dump those coins.
  3. They create Crypto exchanges and sell you fake Bitcoin then crash the exchange.

An Evil Banker

Strategy One:

Since the bankers have unlimited money. What they have been doing is purchasing Bitcoin in a lot of quantities and that is exactly why Bitcoin skyrockets all of a sudden so fast. This creates a lot of hype and it brings a lot of new people in Bitcoin. The new people are only in Bitcoin for a couple months and they have been making money but the all of a sudden. The bankers dump their purchased Bitcoin and it brings down the price quickly. They use the MSM to push the word “crash” instead of “went down” because crash sounds scarier. This scare a lot of new people into Bitcoin and makes a lot of them leave to. SUCCESS!

Pump It! Then Dump It

Strategy Two: Since their first strategy works but it brings too much attention into Bitcoin and they didn’t scare as many people as they would have hoped. They needed another strategy to continue to scare people and take them away from Bitcoin. So what do they do? they started paying groups of people to create multiple other coins similar to Bitcoin. This is how the world of “Crypto” came to be and again since they have unlimited money. They started pumping and dumping these coins which made a lot of people not purchase any Bitcoin and instead they purchased all those penny coins in order to “get rich”. They pumped and pumped all these coins to the moon and them crashed it down!

This strategy not only made beginners purchase other coins before Bitcoin but it also gave Bitcoin and Crypto a bad name. They pushed out through the MSM that the “Crypto” world was bad.

The bankers are masters of money. They have controlled the world since the beginning of time. They know that they must keep pushing out different strategies because the smart people will catch on and eventually expose them. Like many of us are doing and have been doing all of our lives even before Bitcoin. Some of us have died but many will continue to fight for the freedom of humanity.

Don’t Buy Shitcoins

Strategy Three: With their unlimited money(Our money in their banks) They started setting up “Crypto Banks” aka Crypto Exchanges all over the world. Where do people store their Bitcoin? Well the majority of us who understand computers and Bitcoin store our Bitcoin offline(Not in their banks) But beginners store their Bitcoin and other coins in the bankers Bitcoin banks.

So what do the Bitcoin banks do? well they sell you Bitcoin and then write on their website that you own Bitcoin now. The number of Bitcoins is on their website so you own it right?

In reality you do not own any real Bitcoin. It’s just a number on their website. They keep selling and selling their customers Bitcoin. The bankers do not need to own real Bitcoin because the people keep their Bitcoin on their websites and think it’s real. What what people want to take their Bitcoin off their website? Well they can. The bankers have a small amount of Bitcoin available.

What if everyone takes out their Bitcoin at the same time? Well that mostly likely would not happen. But what if it does?


If there is a total of 10,000 Bitcoins on their Bitcoin bank but they actually only own 5,000 Bitcoins. That means a total of 5,000 Bitcoin can be given out. That leaves the other customers with no Bitcoins. Only a number on their website. It was all a scam and now people are out of Bitcoins.

The bankers have been doing this to exchanges. They take out all their Bitcoin quickly which causes others to panic and remove their Bitcoin from the exchanges. Unfortunately the majority of people can’t take out their Bitcoin because Bitcoin their doesn’t exist!

This is exactly what happens during a “Bank run” in real banks. The banks solved this issue by going digital.

So the Crypto Banks “Crypto Exchange” collapses and this gives Bitcoin and Crypto a bad name. The bankers push through the MSM that Bitcoin and Crypto is bad and it needs regulation. It continues to scare people who do not understand Bitcoin and keep them away.

It keep people in their Fiat Banking System. Which is what the bankers want.

Strategy 3 is what happened recently with FTX Exchange.

FTX Exchange is created and financed by the global bankers and their puppets.

Fractional Reserve Banking

It amazes me how beautiful Bitcoin works. We are able to see and expose how the bankers are using “fractional reserve banking” with Bitcoin except Bitcoin exposes this much easier and collapses exchanges much quicker. It’s opening people’s eyes.

They are not able to pull it off like they do with their traditional banking because Bitcoin is not under their control. Now matter what strategy they use. It makes Bitcoin stronger and exposes them.

What strategy will they use next?

Me trying to figure out what the bankers are planning next.

What strategy should we use? We should continue to purchase Bitcoin, “HODL” and use it.

Our strategy:

When your job pays you. You should convert some of that money into Bitcoin and keep it as a long-term savings account. Do not keep it in your country’s currency. That currency is meant to devalue over time. Bitcoin is meant to gain value over a long-term.

At the beginning my strategy was to convert 5% of my paychecks into Bitcoin. Just so i would understand it and see how it works. Over time as I understood much more. I bumped up that percentage.

I use Coinbase to purchase Bitcoin. You can use my referral code and you will receive 10$ worth of Bitcoin. Coinbase has never given me any issues and the money you keep there is insured. I started off with coinbase as a beginner.

You can get 10$ if you sign up using my referral

Save In Bitcoin!

After a while i purchased 1 thing with Bitcoin to see how it works. Just so i could understand it and also support the network.

As more and more people leave the traditional banking system the bankers will have less and less control of us and our governments. Eventually no one will want their fake paper money and the world and humanity will gain back our power.

We must continue to fight along side Bitcoin and stick to Bitcoin only. Especially if you don’t understand how Bitcoin works. You are bound to lose money from other crypto coins.

Me Fighting & Defending Bitcoin

Stay safe and find a friend or family member to help you understand money. Your future and humanity’s future depends on it!

Me Saluting Freedom

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