#19 – Sorry boys! Taylor Swift is also a transgender. Hard to accept because y’all find her HOT!

AH. The Deep State Banker Agenda. Transgenderism. When exactly did they start pushing this agenda? It seems like it’s a recent thing doesn’t it?

National Geographic Another Satanic Controlled Magazine.

Well it’s not… The Deep State, Bankers, Illuminati, Globalists, Satanists whatever you want to call them. Have been secretly pushing this agenda since they have had control of the world. Which is I don’t know… since the beginning of time!

The problem was.. back then and I mean WAY back then. They had not discovered “estrogen” yet. Estrogen is the chemical that real Females have. It’s what gives them their emotions, grows their breasts, stops facial hair. Makes them female.

Males don’t have this. Males have testosterone. It makes us ready to fight if challenged. Gives us facial hair and makes us takes risks.

You can read up on on estrogen. The history is pretty interesting and will help you connect the dots. Estrogen wasn’t available medically until the mid 1930’s or so.

So what was the only options to change genders? Only very basic options. Grow your hair long. Don’t work out and LOTS of makeup. Not every man could accomplish this. Only certain types of man could accomplish this without anyone calling them out on being a man.

The Manson “Sisters”. If your eyes are opened it’s the Manson “Brothers”

Transgenderism wasn’t common and people back then would probably try to murder you or burn down the studio if they found out you or a studio was pushing out a transgender. There was lots of hatred towards Gays and Transgenders.

I believe it was because people were much more religious? I could be wrong.

So back the the Satanists had to hide their transgenderism agenda. It could not be out in the open. Nobody could even know that they had a transgender and also gay agenda and many more agendas.

People back then were also much more brainwashed and weren’t aware that such evil globalists cult existed in the world. Their eyes were much more closed then people in our current year.

The Satanists were still able to accomplish secretly adding transgender women in Hollywood & politics and just about every institution they controlled.

Like I said earlier. They just needed feminine males and LOTS OF MAKEUP. Like our beloved Cher down below.

Pretty obvious Cher is a transgender.

Cher was actually born in 1946. Cher? A tranny? Ya people could see and accept that now.

But we can go way back further and still spot transgender women.

Here’s a tough one that people have a hard time accepting.

Marylin Monroe!

Sorry to break your hearts! YUP TRANNY. She… or should I say “He” was born in 1926

Make Can Do Wonders.

When doing your research it’s important to use the search words “no makeup”

Makeup is absolute KING.

We’ve all seen this video below.

A lot of women have mastered the art of makeup and angle photos. Dating apps are full of fat and ugly chicks that make themselves look super “hot”.

But anyways back to the topic.

So back then(1900-2000) people were not aware of that transgenders existed in Hollywood. They would call you CRAZY. Just like they called us crazy these past years because of de-population co-vid jab.

Once estrogen started hitting mainstream and testing with kids in secret was completed. The Satanists had their perfect weapon to really push their transgenderism with full force. But again they would still have to do this secretly because in the 1980’s it still was not accepted especially on children.

What exactly are they protecting them from?

Take note too that if you pump estrogen into a young boys. It starts before they hit puberty. Which is around 10 years old. It takes a decade to take it’s full effect. Another issue the Satanists faced is that the boy would still have his Adam’s apple and male parts. Estrogen doesn’t great rid of the male parts. It does however if taken a young age help with his voice and grow breasts. In this current year the Adam’s apple can now be removed with surgery.

Male surgery for the male parts was not perfected back then. It’s been perfected much better these days almost to the point that you would need to pay close attention to it. But a drunk dude who takes home a post-op transgender girl home. He would not know.

Fat girls & Transgender Girls Beer Goggles

Knowing the Satanists. Its not important if the male parts was butchered. As long as it was chopped off It would be sufficient. Who has ever got the change to date or sleep with a famous celebrity and seen their private parts?

Never. At least not any average guy.

Taylor Swift was born in 1989. It wasn’t until 1993 that puberty blockers were available to the public.

From my research It seems like Taylor Swift was one of the first generation Hollywood groomed child to get on them. Taylor Swift was a very boyish child. Very thick in fact as a young boy. It’s very easy to spot. But right before puberty that’s when they started pumping him with puberty blockers and it started to change their bodies.

As far as I know there is no pills to give to a child right when they are born so that it would start the transformation right away.

The child is made to take it right before puberty. Before that it’s the best time to spot if the child is male or female. Long hair can only hide things so long.

Estrogen not only changes your body structure. It changes you to behave, think and act as a female.

It’s some pretty wild stuff.

There is literally tons of celebrities who are transgender. I’d say the majority of them are. Including the MEN.

It’s easy to spot once you actually start researching this stuff.

I’ve never followed celebrities or really actually even cared about them. I’ve always thought they were scum and bad for society. Corrupting the youth on purpose.

People worship these celebrities and politicans.

A young girl crying because of simply meeting a Royal Family member.

If you question confront some of their fans about their “heroes” gender you would make them angry.(At least in the past)

I think these days if you question celebrities gender people would be more accepting and actually defend them and say “who cares” in anger. Especially the younger generation.

Looks like the transgenderism agenda has succeed slowly. People have started to love it and defend them. Mostly females and gay dudes.

But even people who call themselves conservatives make no fuss when their kids hangs out or goes to the same school as trans kids. Conservatives too have become accepting of the trans agenda.


Let’s talk about straight dudes. That’s a different story.

If you expose a transgender celebrity like Taylor Swift who most men find attractive. Some men they will get upset to the point if you try to bring up the evidence and help them see the truth they might try to fight you. They don’t want to see the truth.

Because the truth is men have been tricked into liking transgender females without even knowing it.

I myself had no idea most celebrities were transgender and recently if you start looking into a lot of the female politicians. They too are also transgender.

Here is how a usually conversation went in the past with some of my buddies.

Me: Bro! You don’t like transgenders? But Taylor Swift is a transgender. You said she was hot.

Guy: F**K OFF MAN. She ain’t tranny. I’d would of spot it. Don’t you have somewhere else to be?


“I would of spot it”

Funny thing is most men have never researched Estrogen or even met a transgender.

I find in the west the Deep State likes to push out really ugly transgenders on purpose. So when people think of transgenders. They will automatically think transgenders are just a man with a wig.

“So easy to spot”

Once you start traveling the world. You realize that there is transgenders in other countries who look extremely feminine almost to the point that it’s impossible to spot..

Check this trans below. We all know her. Many hate her and feel a negative energy even looking at her photo. It’s because HE is a deep state puppet.

He needs more makeup.

It is incredible how many transgender puppets the Satanists have pushed out all this time in every institution without the people of the world even been aware of it.

This past 5 years the Satanists have been pushing it out in full force with the transgender fascist armies.

Transgenders in the USA and other countries are extremely different.

They purposely have made transgenders in the USA to be ugly, angry and aggressive. If they were taking Estrogen they wouldn’t be aggressive because Estrogen removes that aggression.

But of course the goal of the Satanists is to destroy and cause division of the USA. So they have done a good job of brainwashing the transgenders to be aggressive and ugly.

The 16 year plan to destroy America.

We can never get rid of transgenders and It’s also not right to try to get rid of them. But It is possible to MINIMIZE it and protect YOUR children & the children who did not consent to take puberty blockers and are instead forced to and brainwashed into thinking they are women.

I’m positive that there is legit transgender people all around the world who just want to live their lives without anyone bothering them.

By the way. Here is shake it off by Taylor Swift. She really did shake it off.

Did you know Taylor Swift is also 5 foot 9?

Remember #FreeBritney ?

Should we #FreeTaylorSwift ?

or #FreeGretaThunberg ?

Wait what? Greta Thunberg??

Do you see any resemblance?

Here is something I discovered recently on twitter and re-recreated to see if they were lying.

This is not a coincidence. The Satanists do this on purpose. It is EVERYWHERE.

The point of all this is we need to expose the Satanists. The problem is they are purposely lying to men and pushing their transgenderism to unsuspecting men while trafficking and grooming children.

That’s not okay.

I leave you with this young boy with long blond hair. A young Taylor Swift.

Are you also familiar with what the transgender colors are?

It’s Light Blue, Light Pink & White are the official colors of the transgender movement. Here what the flags looks like and check out what products amazon sells.

Amazon Transgender Products

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