#20 – Bitcoin & BTCPayServer software is going to make Paypal, Stripe,Visa & Banks OBSOLETE.

Nicolas Dorier is the founder BTCPayServer a software that I consider revolutionary software that works along side Bitcoin.

Do you want to start an online store? Well guess what! You need PERMISSION from payment processors like Paypal, Stripe, Visa & Banks.

Without them you will not be able to accept payment. All those companies i mentioned above have a monopoly and are controlled by the deep state.

Have you ever tried signing up with them? It’s TERRIBLE. They ask you so much personal questions such as: Name, Address, Birth Date, Social Insurance #, phone number and much more other questions. Oh yes let’s not forget and last…. They want you to give them a description of what your store is about and what you are selling.

Skrill telling you how to run your business.

Once you submit that they tell you they will get back to you once they approve you.

Can you believe it? Well yes we all can. It’s “normal” for banks and payment process to ask us all types of personal questions. Hard to image something different right?

Well I discovered a software several years ago and l’ve watched it improve year after year.

It’s called BTCPayServer and it works along side Bitcoin

BTCPaySever Logo. You will be seeing this more and more often.

I launched an online store many many years ago and i went through the whole paypal process of getting verified. It took a couple weeks and finally I had my online store going.

What i quickly learned is sometimes Paypal will mark a credit card transaction as “fraud” and they will freeze your account. Which affects your sales and you need to wait for them to look at that transaction. They will need to ask you question and blah blah blah

Turns out there is a big demand by criminals purchasing stolen credit cards and using them online. The transaction is reversed and the seller won’t get the money. But by then you’ve already mailed the product to the user. On top of this nonsense paypal would issue you a small charge of 10USD for the investigation of the fraud transaction.

So many problems with Paypal. Sometimes they would cancel your Paypal account if it happens too often.

My online store ended that year. I was cancelled. Fortunately for me it was just a hobby.

Fast forward 2022. Because of my love of Bitcoin. I launched an online store again to see if anything has changed. Things have REALLY changed.

I quickly launched my online store. Customized it and added 2 products. A Bitcoin flag that i recently had personally made and my Bitcoin Freedom sweater. I made the logo myself!

Screenshot of My Shop. Link to my shop at the very end of this post.

So the most important thing was next… accepting payments.

My options again… Paypal, Stripe, Bank, Cash…

I signed up to Stripe because I heard people hated Paypal these days and heard Stripe was better. Although I already knew they were wrong. Stripe was no different than Paypal. Asking me all kinds of information and telling them they would get back to me.

Accepting Bank payments and cash was out of the question too slow.

Nothing has changed in over 15 years since I last had my online store. Unbelievable!

I still had hope! I knew Bitcoin wouldn’t let me down. I started doing some research online on how to start accepting Bitcoin on my online store.

I remembered the software BTCPayServer. Ill explain it a bit.

BTCPayServer is like having a copy of the Paypal software installing the Paypal software and BOOM you are now your own Paypal company. You are the CEO. Users can sign up to your website and your website will create invoices for them payments will go to his website which then you can send them somewhere else. The owner of the website does not need to approve your store. He is simply hosting that software. Some are asking for 1% cut other are doing it for free. But it’s best to install the script yourself and not depend on others.

The thing about BTCPayServer is it’s available for anyone to install and become their own Paypal company. I did not install the software myself. I used the demo site but I plan to install one myself in the future for my next project.

What’s genius about the software is it works along side Bitcoin. Bitcoin doesn’t require permission to use so the software works the same. It doesn’t require permission to use it. It has no CEO.

I used the software PrestaShop for my store. Luckily for me BTCPayServer already created a plugin that installs in my store then I am able to use ANY BTCPayServer that I find online.

That’s right. If someone if charging 1% to use their site. I can easily use another site that doesn’t charge anything. If they all decide to charge 1%. I can just install the BTCPaySever software and run it myself. It’s REVOLUTIONARY.

What does this mean? It means I don’t need Paypal, Stripe, Banks or Cash. Those criminals I just mentioned are the middlemen. This software completely cuts them off.

The software does not need your name, address or personal information. It was built to create an invoice for your customer and he pays it and BOOM. That’s all. You are in full control.

Why exactly do we need to get permission from Banks or Paypal to launch a online store and start selling products? Because they are running a monopoly and they want to control what you sell. They are also required to report your sales to the government. So the government can steal from you via taxes and income tax.

Bitcoin alone gives you much more privacy and cuts the middleman.

Bitcoin doesn’t need a middleman.

Bitcoin & BTCPaySever together gives your business much more privacy and cuts the middleman.

The middleman being the governments and bankers. Who have billions of blood on their hands and have stolen from us since the beginning of time.

Their time is up and Bitcoin & BTCPaySever will be putting a stop to them.

Bitcoin & BTCPaySever is the future and even local business will be able to use this. Bypassing VISA, Debit cards and Banks.

It will be peer to peer. Business will control their own money. No more third party.

This is one reason governments and the bankers are trying to stop Bitcoin and creating fake exchanges(FTX) to launder money then collapse it and blame Bitcoin so they can try to regulate it.

There is one thing I remember. A company called BitPay tried to be the Paypal of Bitcoin but they also went downhill controlling your money and banning you.

Years ago when i first read about BTCPayServer the developer of BTCPayServer “Nicolas Dorier” said something along the lines of “BTCPayServer will make Bitpay obsolete”

As he was right! He did make them obsolete! We don’t need BitPay!

I follow Nicolas on twitter. If you like his work send him a donation.


I never donate to charities but I do like to donate to people directly that have contributed to the freedom of humanity. I consider Nicolas to be one of these people.

Stay away from Bitpay. I’ve dealt with them. They are no better then Paypal or Banks even though they use Bitcoin. They are a fraud company who are against freedom.

This company SUCKS

We must protect Bitcoin. It is humanity’s key to FREEDOM.

I currently only have 2 products. But i plan to add some more Bitcoin products such as Bitcoin clothes or hats.

If any BTCPayServer researchers out there want to see how it works. Go through the process of purchasing a product on my site. Just put fake information and once you click purchase it will show you an invoice. It’s interesting how it works. Don’t be shy.

As for my store. Do you think I should only accept Bitcoin to help further the revolution? I think so.

Bitcoin Revolution

In conclusion:

I leave you with two things.

1. Here’s my message below to Governments, Paypal, Stripe & Banks:

Up Yours Paypal, Stripe & Banks

2. If you would like to check out my store here is the link below:


and here is the official BTCPayServer Website


Finally. Don’t forget to check out Amazon for Bitcoin clothes.



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