#22 – What Is The Next Revolution? Babies Born In Artificial Wombs!

There was a time in the past when babies were born without doctors or medical help. The pregnant women would be surrounded by her maid or female friends or family to help her give birth.

Then there came a time when medical doctors came into the picture and the idea of them delivering babies was talked about but I’m sure there was a huge push back and outbursts against “doctors”.

“How terrible!” people would say. “We don’t need male doctors delivering our babies”

“If a male doctor wants to deliver a baby it’s because he must be a pervert!”

But the real reason was that there would be less deaths during childbirth if professional trained doctors delivered the babies instead of the family.

Here’s some good information I found online.

“In 1846, Semmelweis had just started his new job at the maternity clinic at Vienna General Hospital.

At that time, women were dying at staggering rates in hospitals shortly after giving birth from “childbed fever,” a disease also called puerperal fever. It was a cruel infection, causing raging fevers, painful abscesses, an infection in the uterus and birth canal, sepsis, and then finally, death — all within about three days of the baby’s delivery. And it was the single most common cause of maternal death at the time.”

Childbirth sometime in the 1800’s

It took sometime for the masses to accept it but here we are now in 2022 and professional doctors do the delivering. Although I’ve heard of some females still doing traditional child births. Which are now called natural childbirths. But they are advised to keep a doctor close by in case anything emergencies happen.

The medical health industry has not really had much change in this area. So does that mean we are going to continue to deliver children the old fashion way?

Nope. Because there is a revolution on the horizon.

Artificial wombs. Check out this video that i saw trending on twitter.

Artificial womb short video

Do i support this revolution? Absolutely. It is truly a revolution that is needed.

After I watched the video 1 time. I glanced at the comments and It was mostly negative comments from both females and males.

I had to analyze this video and watch it several times. I couldn’t understand why it created so many negative comments. But then again, I remembered that the average person is not capable of understanding technology and always seem to be stuck on in the past and most times they jump to conclusions and can’t think logically because of their emotions.

Let’s remember that women have much more estrogen then men which causes them to think with their emotions and not their brains. But men these days seem to have as much estrogen too.

After watching the videos several times. I came to the conclusion that the majority of people who watched this video probably watched it once and got all emotional and rushed into the comments without logically thinking.

Just like in the past. Women complaining that male medical doctors shouldn’t be delivering doctors. We can expect women again complaining that artificial wombs are trying to “replace” them and the religious people complaining that the company is trying to be “God”.

But artificial wombs are going to be the BEST thing to happen for women. A revolution in their favor.

So let’s look at why artificial wombs are beneficial for women.

1 There is quite an amount of women who die during or after childbirth.

2 Cesarean delivery which carries risks to both mothers and the babies.

3 Overworked doctors can make mistakes when delivering babies.

4 Complications in the womb which can hurt the mother or baby.

5 Leaving the responsibility to the mother to eat healthy or stay away from harmful foods/drinks.

6 Poverty requires women to go to work right up until delivery.

There is much more risks to both the mother and baby during pregnancy which you’ll have to research yourself. There is A LOT.

Artificial wombs completely gets rids all these complications for both the mother and baby.

Artificial wombs can be controlled and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Raising and delivering perfectly healthy babies.

Who would be so against this? Well it turns out. Lots of women and men.

Did none of them do any homework on artificial wombs? Researching the pros and cons?

I believe they did not. They let their emotions control them and did no research.

Here is some of the comments i found.

No where in the video did it say that the babies were grown by the company. This dude seems to think the scientists “created” the babies like God created humans.

Another numskull who did not seem to read the subtitles of the video. No where in the video does it says the company is “producing” the babies. The video states that it has the capacity and space to raise these babies. From the sub-titles that the video has it states the babies are for people who can’t have children because of complications.

Saurabh here seems to think that a child in an artificial womb would come out without emotions and no family values. Hmm… how many humans out there are terrible humans and all of us have come from a womb?

I think I know why this dude thinks this. I will explain how technology is so great and there is a solution to this. But he’s not smart enough to think that far. Keep reading. I’ll explain.

Here’s Yasmine complaining that the babies will have no soul and advocating that she is pro innovation + tech. I bet her idea of advocating for technology is getting likes.
Hey we should introduce her to Saurabh. They would make a perfect couple.

Should i keep going? Ok 1 more.

Here’s a good one. 10 bucks says FUNMBI’s kids would be the ones bullying the kids grown in artificial wombs. The solution is not to send your kids to government schools or shall i call them “indoctrination” centers.

That’s enough I think.


The video does not state the start of conception of the babies. How the company got the sperm or egg. It does not mention anything about “creating” or “growing” babies.

Here are some key points and important points that the video states says at 0:17

“EctoLife allows infertile couple to conceive a baby and become the true biological parents of their own offspring”

It states specifically here that the baby’s DNA would come from the mother and father. At 04 second in the video we also see a couple. The mother and father i presume.

“It’s a perfect solution for women who had their uterus, surgically removed due to cancer or other complications”

It’s possible that women had their eggs frozen before they had their uterus removed. Allowing her to have a baby as long as another women can carry it for her. Artificial womb would allow her to become a mother without having to search for another female which is not an easy solution.

“With EctoLife premature births and C-sections will be a thing of the past.”

Pretty self explanatory as I mentioned at the start of this.

“EctoLife allows your baby to develop in an infection-free environment.”

You can search up the following “Exposure to infection in the womb increases risk of autism and depression” Artificial wombs solve this problem.

Now let’s talk about the “soulless” comments.

All these people who don’t do any homework or can’t criticality think past 2 seconds after they wake up seem to think the baby would grow up without a soul because during normal pregnancy the mother normally talks to their baby during pregnancy and carries around the baby forming a special bond.

Its obvious with technology this can be easily solved by having an mobile app which is directly connected to a camera and microphone inside the artificial womb. The mother can open up the app as soon as she wakes up and talk, sing to the child.

Another cool idea so the baby does not get lonely at night is connecting the artificial womb to the artificial womb beside them. Imagine that the baby is able to socialize with other babies right from the start. Something that at this moment does not happen and cannot happen.

I can think of many more ideas with technology in artificial wombs that can help the baby develop much healthier then in a traditional womb.

Would artificial wombs really make soulless babies? NOPE

How may soulless people we have now and we were all born naturally. LOTS.

I think at the beginning the company would keep the artificial wombs together inside their own building which would be safer then someones home. Imagine a fire at your house? Or someone stealing the artificial womb to steal the technology and throwing the baby away.

Here’s another reason to be pro artificial wombs for women who value their body and take pride in taking care of their body by going to the gym. No more “stretch marks”

Lots of women will argue with other women, get jealous and angry if they were to say that stretch marks are ugly. I know there women out there who think this way. I’ve met some. Most won’t say it out loud.

But it’s not about stretch marks being ugly. It’s about taking care of your body and all of a sudden wearing belly shirts does not look the same anymore. Some women might even say women with stretch marks should not wear belly shirts.

99.99% of women would absolutely get rid of their stretch marks if we had a magic wand that got rid of them.

Women have the right to show off their body at whatever age they want and with artificial wombs. They can forever, without stretch marks and feeling amazing.

A mother’s belly after having a baby in a artificial womb.

I think as more and more women use the artificial wombs other women will notice how much better and happier they are without having natural birth. Natural birth will quickly be a thing of the past.

I guarantee you the Porn Stars will jump at this opportunity!

Porn Stars some of the most discriminated women. But they are some of the most amazing women.

Now let’s talk about the religious people.

I can see why God in anger wiped out the majority of humanity during the flood. Humans are just not that smart… even the so called “religious” ones. Who most don’t follow their religion or put words in God’s mouth.

I do have hope for humanity. Once we remove the deep state controlled banking system which has brainwashed humans. It will allow us to educate humans and then finally It will be extremely difficult to brainwash humans. God will finally be proud of us.

As for doctors. I’m sure a lot would be happy with this technology. Spend some time and look at some videos of childbirth. It looks very messy and painful. Those doctors who do this everyday are heroes and the mothers as well.

I want to note that the video was actually CGI and not an actual company. But I know the technology is out there and they have been working on it even if the public is not aware of it.

It’s coming!

and guess what…. we will be able to have babies simply from taking DNA or Human cells of 2 humans. Think of the possibilities! or even choosing the color of your babies eyes! or eye color that currency don’t exist.

Technology. I love it.

We need to continue to expose the Deep State to get them out of our technology companies. They have evil intentions. We don’t want them or need them controlling the artificial womb technology.

Of course the artificial revolution wont happen until we go through the Bitcoin revolution first which is currency happening as we speak.

The question is. How can we prepare to profit and make money from this medical & artificial womb revolution.

I leave you with this cute baby picture that has been around since the beginning of the internet.

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Cute Baby Products

Genesis 1:27

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

If God created us in his image. Then we can create in our image.

Thank You God.

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