#23 – The Scam Of “Abandoned Homes” & “Property Taxes” By Banks & Governments

Abandoned Homes? When you hear this word you think of run down homes that are not livable.

But that’s not true at all. There is thousands and millions of perfectly good “abandoned homes” around the world that are still in excellent shape and livable.

In fact I would say that’s it’s pretty spot on if I were to say that the run down “abandoned homes” became unlivable because of the scam that our criminal banks and criminal governments have going on since the beginning of time.

I will explain how this scam works and why humanity needs to wake up, understand this scam and put a stop to it.

I would advise others to take a look at some abandoned home videos.

I love looking at these types of videos. Some of the architecture is amazing.

Beautiful Abandoned Home
Abandoned Castle

Some of them are castle type homes. We definitely don’t build homes like that anymore.

So the question is why are these home abandoned?

I can tell you that the home owners left for many different reasons. But the majority of them left not because they wanted to leave their home but because they forced to by the banks and governments.

Most times home owners will be forcefully told to leave their home because they lost their job, used up all their savings then couldn’t pay the property taxes then finally declared bankruptcy and banks got involved and told them to get out.

Here is 2 of many of the biggest scams on earth by banks and governments.



Property taxes are one of the biggest scams on earth. It’s a scam where they are able to take people’s homes away once they pay it off. For example:

Mortgages are usually 25 to 35 years long or up to 100 years in some other countries. Considering that the banking fiat system is in a never ending circle that is meant to eventually collapse during those 25 to 35 years while you have a mortgage. During those years you will most likely have a family and be in debt up to your eyeballs. So if the system collapses you don’t have much time to find a new job and that’s IF you can find a new job.

The great thing is if the system collapses and you already paid off your house you wouldn’t need to worry right? WRONG. You still need to pay for property taxes. FOREVER.

Why exactly do we need to pay property taxes even when you have paid off your house? Well that’s the scam. If you don’t pay your property taxes then banks repossesses your home. They don’t tell you to your face but they want you to loose your house. The bankers don’t want anyone to have financial freedom. Remember banks win when you loose your house. That’s the end game for them.

What’s even more of a scam is that the Banks who repossess people’s homes bought that exact home using OUR money. You store your money in their banks and they take YOUR money and buy every single home then they lend us OUR money to buy the home they bought with OUR money.

It’s the biggest scam on earth. It should be illegal.

got a headache yet?

Did you ever wonder what mortgage means? Read below.


Well there was laws and regulations in the past that did not allow them to do this but they slowly blackmailed and bribed officials to look the other way. Then they bought the education institutions and made sure the children of the world did not learn about this scam.

It’s worked. Not many people understand the banking system and how it works and how they have stolen our homes for hundreds of years.

Even though the banking system is simple to understand. People look confused when you ask them about it.

So when banks repossess a home. They just let it rot? Yes and no but mostly yes.

This is again where the property taxes scam comes in again.

The bank first tries to sell a house for it’s evaluated price. (They only try to sell it because they want to look like they are making an effort to sell it.)

Let’s take for example a big mansion.

I went on mls and did a search for some of the highest priced homes in Canada. I found this one below for $36,968,000 million dollars.

Who can afford such a home in Canada? 99.99% CANT

Does the bank own this home? I’m not sure. But I’m sure if I followed the money and did some homework i guarantee it would lead me to a corrupt banker, politicians or someone in a high profile position.

Do a search and you’ll see some of these massively expensive and overpriced mansions have been on the market for years.

As an example let’s say the bank repossessed this home and they tried to sell it. Who would buy it? Most likely no one and definitely not any average hard working Canadian.

The house would just sit around empty or until a rich foreign “investor” bought it.

Some of these rich foreign “investors” are buddies or puppets of the bankers. Another scam.

So did you guys notice anything crazy about the mansion I posted?

Take a look again at the amount of property taxes that needs to be paid each year on that house.

$75,426.87! Which equals to about $6,285.57 a MONTH. The majority of Canadians don’t even make that much monthly. Canadians will never own this home.

Don’t worry the banks know it’s not for Canadians and will never be.

So who pays that amount when the bank repossess the home? The banks do.

What does the government think about that? They are fine with it. They love stolen money!

The scam gets even bigger because the banks are able to print unlimited money and they use OUR money that people store in their banks. The government also puts the tax money that they banks give them back in the SAME bank. WHAT A SCAM.

Maybe I should start my own bank? You can’t. They will squash you before you start and if you somehow manage to succeed. They will just hire criminals to kill you.

How do people go on living everyday without knowing this. I have figured this out many decades ago and continue to try to educate the people.

People actually go on living happily everyday. They are like brainwashed sheep can’t think. Starting 2020 when the pandemic started people have been talking much more about the banks and their scams.

The sheep are waking up!

Trying to wake up the Sheeple be like..

So really the banks have free homes. The banks can leave any home they want abandoned for an unlimited period of time.

The banks can drop the price of the mansion to $0 dollars and it still would not sell because the average Canadian cannot afford the property taxes.

So why doesn’t the government not lower the property taxes considering there is many people in Canada without homes or homeless.

Easy… because the government knows how this scam works and they are in on it. They are also controlled, bribed, blackmailed by the banking institutions.

So this is exactly why we have property taxes. It’s legalized theft.

What is the solution?

In a perfect world the solution would be to abolish property taxes. End of period or put property taxes on people’s second home only or no property taxes on a certain size piece of land.

If a bank owns a home. It should be forced to sell it within 6 months or the government repossesses that home and auctions it out to the lowest bidder CASH. You could get that $36,968,000 million dollar mansion for $50,000 grand.

A free market system like this after years or a decade you would see the majority of people in a country owning their home without any mortgage or property taxes. Meaning if people lose their jobs they still have a home. I GUARANTEE you that we would also see families with their kids living together forever until old age. Families would live together forever so they don’t need to pay rent elsewhere and when the owner passes away from old age they just pass the home to their next of kin. Again the owner would get a free house and since it’s paid off and there is no property taxes. You can live there forever. You can even build other rooms or sections on your property without worrying about the property taxes or government taxing you for building a shed on your yard.

You would have community’s with large families living together in one house. It would even strengthen the family unit. THE FAMILY UNIT. Something that the global bankers have destroyed.

Why move out and pay rent when you can live together forever
as a happy family.

Every single person in this county would have a home without a mortgage. They would just need to pay the electricity, water and food.

What if they lost their job? They could easily rent out one room to cover this cost. But considering families would live together. One family member could cover for one another. I mean all you really need is food if you don’t have a job.

BUT NO. The bankers and governments know this system would empower us and UN-enslave us but the bankers and governments want the people to stay in poverty all of their lives so governments can control us.

The good news is home investors will soon flock away from homes and jump into Bitcoin. When that happens millions of homes will be up for sale and Bitcoin will also bring down the global banking system and banks will be a thing of the past!

Here is nice mansion i like.

In conclusion. We must educate and continue to wake up the sheep in order for them to realize that taxation is theft and anyone that pledges for taxation are criminals.

Stay happy! Someday we will get those huge mansions for cheap and let uncle Joe move in and stay for free!

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