#24 – What’s crater Earth? It’s another cool Flat Earth Theory.

I recently discovered another Flat Earth theory called Crater Earth. It was hard to understand at first but after watching many videos I finally understood it. The theory is literally that we live inside a “crater” but where is this crater located? Well we don’t know. We think it looks like a crater found on the moon and the continents and oceans are inside the crater.

Computer CGI of how Crater Earth might look like

Crater Earth is not easy to understand at first but once you investigate it you will understand how it all works. I will explain today.

If you already know the Flat Earth theory then you will have an easy time understanding the Crater Earth theory. The issue with the Flat Earth theory is that it doesn’t explore what’s outside past the flat earth or past the “firmament”. It doesn’t explore what’s outside the “firmament” because according to Flat Earth theory no one can get out or leave this dome Earth. We’re stuck in here because there is a firmament over us. So the Flat Earth people don’t talk about what’s outside the dome. They just know we are pretty much stuck here. According to the Flat Earth theory the Deep State has been trying to break through the firmament so they can leave this prison Flat Earth and fight and overtake God and becomes God’s themselves and rule over us but have been unsuccessful.

Some Flat Earthers speculate that God created this Flat Earth and that it’s impossible to break the firmament or leave this earth. The Deep State Satanists who rule this world know that the earth is flat and have been actively hiding it from the people in order to make us believe that God does not exist and so they can push their fake science and anti-God agenda and many other agendas.

This is the first time I ran into a theory that adds to flat earth but what’s most compelling is the evidence that is given in order to solidify that we are in fact living inside a crater. The evidence is really interesting and very convincing.

So what do you mean earth is inside a crater?

What this theory means is that the continents and oceans are inside a crater.

Let’s use your imagination. Let’s look at a real life crater.

Below is a picture of the a real life crater on earth. It’s the Barringer Crater located in Arizona, United States.

Barringer Crater

Now let’s imagine we filled it up with water.

It’s like one big swimming pool!

Barringer Crater filled with water

How about we add some continents?

Barringer Crater filled with water and continents

Remember when you were a kid? You built this in your sandbox.

In order to build the continents you would have build the continents using rocks at the bottom and build your way up. In fact you would most likely need to build the continents FIRST then slowly put in the water.

Now let’s add a Sun and Moon so plants can grow.

Barringer Crater filled with water, continents, sun and moon

and finally add the little humans!

Barringer Crater filled with water, continents, sun and moon & 1 human

Do you see him? He’s there! He’s really tiny. I kidnapped him and brought him to my sandbox crater earth world creation. I might have to kidnap a little human female so he can multiply and not die of loneliness oh and kidnap some little animal friends so he can have food to eat.



Don’t worry he doesn’t know he was kidnapped. I kidnapped him as a baby so he wouldn’t know he was kidnapped. In fact i will kidnap lots of babies of different colors so they can roam around and multiply.

But now that I think about it. I better put a dome around my little sandbox so they are not able to escape. I will make the dome out of special material that they won’t be able to break even if they invent powerful weapons. Oh they are also not able to see outside of it.

I, on the other hand. I am able to see inside. Almost like a 2-way mirror.

Barringer Crater filled with water, continents, sun and moon, 1 human covered by a 2 way mirror dome

Also. I just thought of something. I better decorate the dome so they will have something to look at during the night. I’ll make the inside layer of the dome move around counter-clockwise.

Barringer Crater filled with water, continents, sun and moon, 1 human covered by a 2 way mirror dome & decorated with stars and planets.

I’ll brainwash one of my little humans inside and tell them to teach in the schools to everyone that the world is round and they are not able to leave this round earth unless they build a spaceship. Which will takes thousands of years before they ever accomplish such things.

In the meantime. I’ll build around the dome an icewall and make the temperature so extreme that nothing can grow or live there. None of my kidnapped humans will want to ever go there.

I’ll also build a secret door in case I need to go in there or send my workers to go inside the dome and kill someone that is investigating the dome.

Barringer Crater Earth prison!

I bet i could build many of these around the universe . I would be able to tera-form the planets using these domes and my little slave humans.

The only issue is I would need to kidnap more of these humans in bigger numbers.

Everything should work out fine as long as they don’t find out they are living in a dome.

If they do find out. I would just reset the dome and kill them all!


If you’re still reading… then this is pretty much what crater earth is.

Other “humans” like us…. or “aliens” built this dome and put us in here.

Under what reason? If other humans it’s possible that they are going around planets transforming planets using this dome system. Using humans as slaves to dig up resources once it’s terra-formed.

If aliens.. They might be doing the same thing as I explained above. Some of these domes might just be a place for them to raise humans and come in and kidnap some to eat us. Just like how we keep cows inside farms. This dome might be a human farm or some sort of social experiment.

There might be thousands or millions of other domes around the “universe”.

This is why Flat Earth and Crater Earth are very similar in concept except flat earth doesn’t explore what is outside the dome. Crater Earth does in theory.

It states that the controllers of the world inside the dome(The Deep State) are the ones who were forced by the outside dome rulers to rule this world using the banking system.

I mean if other humans or aliens brought you to a dome system as a child. They would force you to be the bankers and teach you how to rule this world. In exchange you get to be the ruler of this dome world and the humans or aliens would get whatever their agenda is from this dome.

Your 2 choices would be comply or die. I mean the dome controllers wouldn’t tell you the truth anyways of what they are doing with this dome. They could pretend they are Gods and you would most likely believe it since you were kidnapped here without education.

KIDNAP. Yes that is what i said.

Millions of humans go missing every year around the world. Where are they all going to?

Let me explain. If other humans or aliens are building these domes around the world and bringing humans here. They would need to get those humans from somewhere. They could start with 2 humans but it would takes thousands of years to finally have a decent population. So they would have to kidnap millions depending on how many domes they own.

At the beginning they would have to kidnap humans from the original source that humans are from. But once established with many domes. They would simply breed and move around those humans from dome to dome.

If you were terra-forming planets around the universe why wouldn’t you willingly take humans to those planets instead of kidnapping them.

Depending on your agenda. Willingly taking humans might not be wise. If your agenda is that you are just using humans as slaves to dig up resources once the terra-forming has begun then kidnapping is the only solution because robots are not yet capable of being self-sufficient.

Congrats! So this is what Crater Earth is about.

We are all stuck inside this dome. Brainwashed into thinking we are on a floating planet. Digging up resources as salves for the controllers outside the dome.

Is anyone able to leave this dome? I guess it depends on the controllers of this dome. If they need their puppets to do their puppet work in other domes they might transport them to other domes.

The bigger question is.. Who is pulling the strings of the puppet master?

It might be almost impossible to free ourselves from inside the dome. If the dome controllers are powerful enough to build this dome type system. They can easily kill us all by flooding us or turning up the sun and burning us.

I believe the only way to free ourselves is getting help from outside the dome forces.

These dome controllers are evil. If there is evil forces there is good forces. That means their might be humans around the universe trying to fight against these evil dome controllers and freeing the humans trapped inside.

Once we are freed would you be willing to join a human universe force that goes around and takes control of the domes from the outside first. Then their mission is to wake up the humans inside the dome to the truth of their reality.

This would not be an easy task. A lot of humans inside the dome would go crazy and enroll themselves in a mental institute. On top of that. Those humans leaders inside the dome might try to use their country’s military against you thinking you are evil aliens and try to nuke you and destroy the whole dome without realizing we are here trying to free them.

We also might find out that every religion & the bible might be a system of control that is used inside all of these domes to control the humans. How would all these humans accept that fact that their beliefs and their bibles & God was all fake.

They would also not accept. They might go crazy.

Humans inside the dome are so brainwashed, are so hardwired brainwashed that their brains might short circuit and wouldn’t be able to rehabilitate them.

Q said we can’t save everyone.

I’m positive we do have a creator but I’m skeptical of religion. Considering all religions have been infiltrated by the globalists and religious people themselves are not even capable to see that their own religion has been infiltrated while billions of so called religious people celebrate secular holidays.

Is it possible that God was an invention by the controllers of the dome who see themselves as gods. Who is our real creator?

I would suggest if you want to learn about the evidence that we are in fact living in a crater then you must spend some time looking at all these videos from Godgevlamste channel.


At the beginning I was confused. You can’t just watch 1 video. You must watch almost of all them in order to understand what the author is trying to tell us.

I’m not sure if he was the one who first discovered this theory but there doesn’t seem to be much information or pictures around the internet about crater earth.

They were probably censored or deleted.

Godgevlamste in his videos mostly explains and shows us on a deep level the evidence surrounding on whether we do or not live in a crater. He also goes much much deeper into the evidence using history and past events, politics, symbolism and institutions and different theories such as the Deep State expanding outside the dome.

It’s not an easy task to understand all this. I mean people still are not able to research Flat Earth themselves. Their brain is not capable to understanding this type of information yet. Trying to get them to research Crater Earth would be a difficult feat. But they will eventually.

Do I believe that we are living in a crater? I research every theory online and I am open to most theories. Considering the evidence I discovered. Yes it’s extremely possible that we are in fact trapped inside this crater. Just like the evidence of a Flat Earth .

I really do not believe that the Earth is round. But there is always that 1% chance that it is.

The only way for me to believe that the Earth is round is for me to take a spaceship and see the round Earth with my own eyes or go to Antarctica to see the ice wall.

Unfortunately those 2 things won’t happen anytime soon. The system we live in is designed to keep us poor so I can’t build a rocket ship company and Antarctica is guarded by the military’s of the world.

So the only thing we have is our brain, senses, our research, our gut feelings and all those things tell me that we are being lied to about everything in this world.

The ultimate lie is that the Earth is round. It’s FLAT.

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Earth without water


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