#26 – Government says: “Online Death threats Are Not Free Speech” But It’s another Narrative To Jail Innocent People

Are death threats free speech? Yes they are.

But the criminals who create laws say it’s not.

One thing I have always hated is when someone made a death threat online. It would quickly get erased and the person banned. I have noticed this trend all my life. But I know EXACTLY why they have always pushed this narrative that “death threats” are not free speech.

I will tell you why.

First of all why did I want to see a death threat online? Because I have never trusted anyone’s word in whether it was a death threat of not. I wanted to see it for myself and decide for myself whether or not it was a death threat.

Every time I heard there was a death threat online I was usually too late to see it and it was deleted from the website. I got to see some of them and to me it was not even of a death threat.

Governments and Big tech have always used the narrative that death threats incite violence and they have been using many other narratives to suppress our free speech such as “hate” laws.

As soon as someone writes a “death threat” they erase it. Eventually I noticed that small websites adapted this as well. I always felt people were easily brainwashed and parroted what governments or Big Tech did.

But wouldn’t it make more sense to keep the death threat online so the world can see what was written and most of all which is extremely important is EVIDENCE. Evidence used in court. Instead of taking a screenshot and showing it in court you just use a computer in the court room and search it and show the date, time and what was written.

Common Sense.

Twitter always removes status. We can never judge for ourselves the content.

It wasn’t until I started playing online with software that it truly opened my eyes to the fact that I, as a website administrator had access to everyone’s account and I was able to easily change, modify add anything I wanted to anyone’s account.

So could I easily add a death threat to someone’s account and blame them? HELL YA

Is it possible for computer forensics to see that the administrator added the death threat? Nope.

Most small software doesn’t log what administrators do. As we get into bigger software. Yes it does log what administrators and moderators do.

But even that can be easily deleted if you have access to the database.

If I faked a death threat on someone. It would be best to delete it right away and not leave online.

I always thought it was ridiculous whenever someone made a death threat they would quickly delete it. As I played around with more software it started to make me think deeper.

They could easily plant a death threat on anyone and have the police arrest them. Most people would not believe if an innocent person said he never wore it because have never worked in the I.T. industry.

People’s arguments would be. .. “The administrator doesn’t have that person’s password”

But in reality you don’t need the users password to fake a death threat on him. You have access to anyone’s data.

Ok but why would an administrator fake a death threat on someone. Usually it’s a user to user and not administrator of the website to a user or vise versa

They got me there! That’s definitely true. If it’s user against user. Users don’t have access to the database.

But still didn’t explain why the administrator would delete it…. were they really that stupid?

It wasn’t until 10 years ago when I started to look into the fact that Facebook was a CIA FBI asset.

During that time it was just rumors and people wouldn’t take you seriously.

Masonic Symbolism is everywhere because they own everything.

As i learned more and more about governments having VIP backdoor access to your data and accounts and also I understood the banking system much more then regular people made me realize I was on to something.


Eventually it hit me. What if the bankers or government used the pretense of death threats to take away political opponents. Since Facebook was already a CIA asset . This could be accomplished easily.

The scariest part is most people did not know and still don’t know Facebook was a CIA asset

So all they have to do is plant a fake death threat and they can take me away. Nobody would believe me. They would think I was crazy if it told them the death threat just appeared and I never wrote it.

I’m the only one with the password remember? people would say.

The craziest part would be convincing the judge and jury Facebook is against me. I mean we are now finding out that Facebook was in collusion with governments. Try convincing someone about that 10 to 20 years ago. Even today most people still won’t believe you.

Remember the artist who got killed for printing religious cartoons? I bet the world governments were involved in that in order to push their narrative that words are not free speech

Fast forward 2022. It all makes sense now. If you have researched recently what went on in the elections and the fact that governments have access to a cancel you using VIP backdoor access to companies in Big Tech. In fact governments didn’t need to plant a fake death threat. All they need to pick up the phone call Facebook and tell them to ban your account for a while or for good.

Anything online can easily faked. In fact most of it is not even really evidence.

What if the death threats are real? and the person even said he wrote it.

It should definitely not be deleted. It should be kept online as evidence. To show if it was 1 time or that it was constant threats by the same person.

The person writing and admitting on video he wrote the death threats but then eventually saying he didn’t write it could be used as evidence

Eventually it turns into harassment.

If someone writes I’m going to kill you to tonight. you should take that seriously . Tell your friends and family what was written send them the link and keep your personal weapon close to you (if you are in the USA)

In Canada it’s illegal to use any weapon to defend yourself. Even if a criminal breaks into your home and you use a gun to kill him. It is against the law. Even to point the gun at him is illegal.

How crazy is that?

It’s very crazy. Canadians have been brainwashed into thinking guns are bad and that we don’t need guns.

In the USA it’s different. Due to the fact that death threats online can be easily faked . Death threats should be considered free speech.

I’ve had death threats online. Nothing to the point of giving out my address. That’s when it becomes more serious.

One thing that I have never believed and have always questioned is the stories that celebrities phones were hacked or that their twitters account where hacked.

I always thought it was lies. Now that we are finding out that twitter employees interfere in the elections and were running child trafficking rings through twitter. It all again makes sense.

They were the ones hacking people’s accounts. I wouldn’t even call it hacking since they have access to everyone’s database and can easily change things. (I bet them even made a program to easily change anyone’s account. unless the person physically comes to your front house then that’s different. But if he threatens to kill you ONLINE that is different

i believe the government and big tech have faked and used online death threats to blackmail and remind people who don’t go along with the governments agendas that they have the power and can easily take you away and no one will believe if they blame the government.

I’m sure in rare cases and very little some small website administrator have also faked death threats or other small things on a user they hate.

Death threats should be kept as evidence. Keep every death threat online.

Its terrible to hear someone say that to you online but unless the person physically makes an appearance at your house.

words are just words, and words are free speech

If its someone you actually know in real life. That’s a whole different ball game but it should still not be deleted and kept as evidence for the world to see what type of person that is.

One thing is for sure.. REMEMBER take all death threats seriously and check your local laws about self defense.

Make sure you vote for someone who supports adding a right to bear arms to your country’s constitution with no restrictions because the police or military will kill you and the police and military will not make an death threats towards they will simply come kill you if that’s their orders. That’s why a constitution should not have any restriction on weapons. You need equal power of weapons to that of which the police & military has.

The 2nd Amendment is protect yourself not only from criminals but to defend yourself from the government as well.

In conclusion. Governments have slowly been using the narrative that some things we write online are not free speech. Now it’s gotten to the point were almost anything you write is considered hate speech. They keep adding more and more things that we are not allowed to say online.

Take death threats seriously but deaths threats ARE free speech.

Unfortunately governments around the world who are run by criminals who push laws to jail you for it.

Consequences should be based on actions and not words.

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