#27 – The solution to transgender people using washrooms is simple. Re-design the washrooms.

I’ve always hated public change-rooms/washrooms.

I first got introduced to public change rooms as a kid when I went to a public pool.

As walk inside the change rooms or “family rooms” as they call it. It was one big open room with multiple lockers and benches. You would arrive at the bench, lay your stuff on the bench. Take off your clothes and change into your bathing suit. Then you would have to make your way over to the shower which were normally open showers as well.

It was not a good experience. There was other dudes naked everywhere. It was strange but supposedly it was normal because all change rooms were like that.

I was never a fan of changing in front of other men. Sometimes and usually old men would be super friendly and start talking to you about their day NAKED. It was all too gay.

I found this online which I thought was funny.


It wasn’t until high school that I had to take gym class and noticed that the change rooms were also designed this way. I had to get naked in front of my male classmates? WHAT?

Who came up with this design?

Typical Western Change Rooms

Who wants to change or be around naked men. What if you bring family member with you. You have to change in front of them? Yes because there is no where else to change.

What a terrible design.

People are complaining that they don’t want to change in the same room as a transgender person? Well I have been complaining about the public change rooms and public washrooms all my life even before transgender people existed in the west.

I don’t care if you are a male or trans male. I don’t want to change around any of you.

There is a lot of weirdos and perverts out there. I remember this one time this old dude started to talk to me while I was trying to shower. I had a strange feeling about him.

It turns out that old guy was a closet gay and he always talked to others in the shower. We all suspected he liked looking at men showering. No one liked him.

From that point, I started a trend where you shower with shorts on.

No one dared to ask me why I was showering with shorts.

Showering with shorts

I got the feeling that the majority of most men don’t care about changing in front of other men or maybe they didn’t want to tell me the truth?

But I was always outspoken about it. Saying that there is dudes secretly checking us out and showering with men is against my values.

I wonder if females feel the same? Showering with other females or is it like the porn movies where they touch each other’s titties.


Don’t get me started on toilets. I remember this one time when I traveled to China and I walked into a public toilet and it looked like this:

This is not for #1

I was shocked. I have never seen anything of this sort in the west. On top of that they don’t provide toilet paper. I turned around and walked right out.

You have to bring your own water to flush

Public washrooms in 3rd world countries is what truly made the experience of traveling the worst. Especially if it’s your first time. It made me not want to travel anymore.

Western washrooms are no better. Some stalls have huge holes and or the doors are too high.

I’ve seen this happen to someone else.

Such terrible designs in most countries. I do remember when i traveled in Japan the stalls were super private.

So what’s the solution to trans people using the washrooms? No matter what gender they are or if they stick to their own “gender” washroom. It will cause confusion.

The solution is simple:

They need to stop designing public washrooms with no privacy.

Pubic washrooms and change rooms should be 100% private. Single stall washrooms are the solution.

Single Stall Washrooms for both male and female

I’ve seen single stall washrooms in most fast food places.

What about in gyms or public places where hundreds of people come in every month?

Single stall washrooms are still possible. They are also safer for your children.

You can have stalls that have the shower part and change room in the same stall. The lockers don’t even need to be inside the change rooms. They can be outside.

Really.. all you need a locker is to keep your valuables in.

Designing the washrooms is simple. There does not even need to be separate sections for genders if the stalls are single stall.

Having separate washrooms for each washrooms is inefficient. Can you image if they start adding a third washroom for transgender?

Frankly it should be up to the business itself to decide which washroom their customers should use and not the government.

Even so. There is not really any efficient way to police which washroom someone should use.

With single stall washrooms. You will never have to share a washroom with another human again. Ventilation is also much better in single stall washrooms.

This trans agenda is not going away. The conservatives can try to get rid of it but they will not succeed. I do believe It will be minimized in the future due to people waking up to the fact that have been pushing this on children on purpose. Although it never be completely gone as there will be adults who still want to change “genders”

I see lots of conservatives saying there is only 2 genders. Male and female.

But they are wrong. The correct label of genders is XY & XX

Male and female are labels of the XY & XX

They were labels to figure out if someone was an XY or XX human.

Unfortunately going forward with drugs(estrogen & testosterone) and technology it’s not possible to know where whether someone is XY or XX.

People who say IT IS possible to know if a human is XY or XX have never traveled to countries like Thailand or Colombia where the trans agenda is much farther and more advanced the the west. In some countries you can’t tell if they are a trans women or real women.

Dating just got harder.

I was first exposed to trans people in 2010 during my travels overseas and I was a bit shocked. They acted nothing or looked like anything that the western media described trans women.

I did not know that some countries had a lot of trans people compared to Canada. I have never ran into any trans people in Canada during the early 2000’s. It wasn’t until 2015 i ran into 1 or 2 trans women.

Except most western trans women are not trans women. They are just fat fascist perverted dudes in a wig.

Therefore the solution to stopping those perverts who just want to wear a wig so they can go into women’s change rooms is to change the design of change rooms into single stall change rooms.

Even if transgender people didn’t not exist.

Why would you want your kids to change around strangers or their classmates. I wouldn’t.

Once you re-design the washrooms. This whole fight over which washrooms should transgender use.

Frankly. I think the media is using the washrooms agenda to divide us. I also believe the deep state has dudes with wigs on their payroll to go into washrooms and cause problems so the media can continue to divide humanity.

Remember their agenda is to keep us fighting and distracted so we can stop researching the truth.

The truth of which is that they control and own everything this world through the banking system.

The solution is simple.

I want to point out I would have no problem changing in front of females. I’ve heard stories of where they get all horny and rape you. That would be cool as long as they are hot females.

The start of a good porn video. Hi ladies.

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