#28 – The stupidity of immigrants in Canada “Let’s blame the Canadian people for my struggles”

What is the “Canadian dream” .. In fact what is the “dream” of most immigrants not only in Canada but everywhere in the world who immigrate to another country looking for a better life?

It’s simple. Most immigrants who are motivated have this simple dream:

You move to a new country. You have nothing. Just the clothes on your back.

You work hard like slave. Working from morning to night. Saving up EVERY single PENNY you can, living in a small room, not going out to restaurants until you have a huge amount of MONEY(savings) which then you can use to start your own business and make MUCH more MONEY or go to school to get a degree and get a HIGH paying job.

Once you’ve completed all that. You can hire some employees and BOOM you no longer have to work as hard and you can concentrate on finding yourself a wife. You might even find that nice blonde you’ve always dreamed of and she won’t have to work if does not want to. You’ve made it. You have a beautiful family and children. Which you can send to a great school and your kids can make even more MONEY then you. Your generation will always continue be richer and richer.

This is easily achievable because you have the full support of the Canadian government who has shown you pretty pictures of Canada and promised you that Canada is the land of opportunity and most importantly the government has your back. It will 100% SUPPORT you so you can achieve your dreams. After all the government wants and needs Canada to succeed. right?

All you need to do is give up your life savings to get into Canada.

HA sounds like a great deal.

In reality… The government does not WANT or NEED you to succeed.

If you succeed in wealth you will have power to fund your political party which the government does not want.

Immigrants do not understand this until they’ve lived in Canada at least 20 years by then their only hope in getting out of poverty is in hopes that their children will somehow make it rich and they can finally stop working low-wage jobs and take care of them when they’re old.

Although poverty in Canada is not so bad. You can live in a big house, brand new car and go on vacation as long as you’re willing to be in a lot of debt. Which most Canadian are willing to do.

The true Canadian dream.

I watched a video on this channel:


The channel seems to be about a Canadian couple who immigrated to Canada from India. It seems to be popular because the Canadian government is obsessed with immigrants and has been opening the door to thousands of immigrants from India these past 2 decades.

The demographics says that in 2016 Canada has about 1.3 million ethically India people.


It’s now 2022 and the immigration has no slowed down. It’s much higher now.

I saw this very long comment in one of the videos which had so much stupidly that I had to write a post about. Here is the comment:

I had to write about it and push back against stupidity because I find a lot of immigrants like to blame their struggles on Canadians specifically white Canadians.

Here is my response:

It’s been 4 years for me here and I honestly can say I have achieved nothing in my life yet.

Welcome to Canada where most people who were born here and have lived here and died here also have not achieved nothing in their lives because the system in Canada is setup for Canadians to fail. If Canadians become successful it means they achieved wealth. Having wealth means you can start to challenge the political system. This is the reason why the system does not allow both Canadians and immigrants to succeed.

It scared me when I think I can’t return whatever my parents had invested in me.

Welcome to Canada where Canadian parents invest thousands of dollars with debt into their children to go to Canadian colleges only for the children to come back indoctrinated and thinking they are the opposite gender. Don’t be scared. It’s normal in Canada.

The fact is you’ll never have a good paying job in Canada being an immigrant. When I say this trust me I mean it. Most you’ll get is minimum wage job which can make you survive the life here.

This is a famous picture of Canada immigration agencies like to show immigrants. Unfortunately most immigrants don’t have the time or money to ever go see these mountains in Canada

Ayush seems to think that being Canadian is a requirement to having a good job? It’s obvious he has not talked to normal Canadian people. 99% of Canadians I’ve me throughout my life have low paying jobs. In fact the housing keeps going up and their wages don’t go up. Even with a “good job” the Canadian people still struggle.

I would argue that there is actually very few paying jobs with high wages in Canada due to the fact that Canada has very few high paying industries. Government is usually the only industry that pays well.

Taxes are high and definitely and what I feel is you’re working to make someones else’s life easier.

Ayush feeling is close but not correct. What he should of said is …. what most Canadians are doing is making corporations richer. As most workplaces are owned by corporations.

And yes… is is right about taxes. They are HIGH and it’s done on purpose. Taxes are legalized robbery in order to keep Canadians poor.

No one wants to be your friend, scope of socializing is zero coz mostly it’s cold round the year so everyone hardly comes out. Especially in northern provinces like Yukon, Saskatchewan, Manitoba.

I hear this from immigrants quite often and it’s true. Yes the cold does have an effect but there is lots of Canadians still going out on a Saturday night regardless of the cold.

But there is other factors involved. Other factors that I have observed are that Canadians have a extremely lame personality which involves mostly getting drunk, smoking weed and partying. I always found talking to Canadians is like talking to a block.

Let’s not forget that the education system is meant to dumb down Canadian children. Immigrants on the other hand are not the partying type. I find they have much more personality then Canadians and are much more motivated. But after decades of not achieving anything. They eventually get dis motivated… and eventually become CANADIAN. LOL

Another factor is mostly due to the fact that Canadians are very leftist and immigrants are not. Therefore when these two types of personalities try to become friends. They do not match. That’s why immigrants have a hard time making Canadians friends AND also due to the fact that most immigrants come here at an older age when most Canadians are trying to settle down by finding a girlfriend/wife and making new friends is not their top priority.

Healthcare is a joke. If you feel sick and not well and you wanna see a doctor be prepared to wait for hours and hours. I once had a stomach infection and I had to wait 5 hours till someone could see me. I asked for painkiller at-least so I could bear the pain but they refused that as well. You might well see someone you love dearly with whole heart die-in front of you and you could do nothing. (I’ve experience it myself hence saying)

You’re a long survivor who;ll always keep fighting.

Yes. He is correct about this. I’m sure he and many immigrants expected Canadian health care to be amazing because that’s what the media likes to tell immigrants. After all the goal of the Canadian government and media is to try to trick immigrants into coming to Canada. Immigrants especially international students are a huge money laundering system for the government. Immigrants and their parents spend their life savings up to send their kids to Canada because they believe Canada will improve their lives greatly because of what the media and government tells them. In reality if the government told them the truth about what life in Canada is really like. Immigrants would not come here and they government would loose out on all the money. Remember immigrants.. the government only cares about money and not you.

Young people won’t know because they don’t often use it. It’s best to ask someone who is 65 and older about the health care because that’s the people who use it more often.

But i do know he is right….The health is a JOKE in Canada.

Here is an interesting fact. When attaining Canadian citizenship immigrants will have a say out loud an oath. Funny thing is… the oath is to pledge allegiance to the Royal Family and not to Canada.

The only person who can make money here is business and high paid jobs which are reserved to Canadians. That’s how Canada’s job market is. Canadians first and if there’s something left they’ll look at you.

This is just too funny. Canadians first? YA… RIGHT…

He did get one thing slightly right. The only ones who can make money here is “business” except it’s not every business. It’s only BIG corporations. Has he talked to small business? Small business in Canada are struggling. Government does not give a damn about small business. In fact government destroyed a lot of small business with the lockdowns which was on purpose.

What Ayush meant to say is…. Corporations first… Canadians never.. and if there’s something left the government will try to find a way to take it from you.

By the amount of money people invest here they can establish a nice business back in their country itself and earn accordingly on own terms.

This is where the trick comes. The government lies and tells immigrants that in Canada they will be able to build a business in Canada and live a good life. So all that money that is required to come to canada will be worth it.

But the immigrants spend ALL their life savings just to come to Canada. Once they arrive here they are broke. Yes. Instead of spending your life’s savings to come to a country where the government will not let you achieve anything you could of used all the money to build a business in your home country and you would of been better off then coming to Canada.

But then again… why would the government tell you the truth. They want your money.

I’ve tried telling immigrants online about the real situation in Canada but most don’t believe it. They have to experience it for themselves order to believe it.

Most importantly you’ll cut yourself from all the emotional support like family, friends etc.

I was a social person back in India who liked making new friends and memories but it’s nothing like that here.

And it’s the same life, no different.

You wake up, dress, eat, go to work, come back, eat, sleep, no different.

Ah. The robot life. The life of working for someone. The western life.

From my experience most immigrants dream of starting their own business, working like a slave for a decade, hiring employees, making a million, building a family and retiring.

This is technically what life is about and should be about. But the government and corporations have stopped people from achieving this.

This is what immigrants believe they are coming to Canada to do. Because that;s what the media and government have told them they can accomplish here.

But the government will not allow you to do that. Therefore your life will consists of being a robot. Dress, eat, work sleep. Welcome to Canada.

No fun and no nothing. You actually don’t live in the present, you live in an exception of a better tomorrow.

You’ll always have a smile when you greet someone but I guarantee you no ones gonna check on you if you don’t start a conversation even with a simple “HI”. Mostly Canadians are nice but again some will systematically judge you and say nothing but you’ll see in their actions. The way they’;ll talk in a twisted way.

This is another thing that the media likes to paint that Canadians are “nice”

Immigrants see this as that they will come to Canada and they will make lots of Canadian friends and that their neighbours will bring them a nice gift and tell them “welcome to canada” oh and! A nice thing beautiful white Canadian women will ask them out on a date and eventually become their wive. The Canadian dream!

Unfortunately reality is most Canadian people have no intention on talking to their Canadian or immigrant neighbours.

If you ask your Canadian neighbor for help. I’m sure most of them will be willing to 100% help you but no one will want to develop a relationship with their neighbour.

Which is way different then communities in 3rd world countries where you have no choice but to rely on your community.

Yes I’m not saying that Canada’s bad or good but trust me it will take forever to build a life here especially when the number of people moving here round the world.

HMM…. he didn’t quite explain what he meant by this sentence… do you see what he is starting to see? The truth… the truth about immigration.

A lot of people don’t see or understand this. But when you open the door of your country and let in tons of immigrants. What happens?

Well the immigrants take over the low-paying jobs because they have no other choice. This allows the corporations to not have to raise wages because the competition for low-paying jobs is huge.

And well since there is really not very many high paying jobs in Canada and small business is rigged by government not to succeed then… what happens to Canadians, immigrants and new immigrants?

All 3 groups stay in poverty with each group blaming each other when in reality it’s the government who is purposely doing this in order to keep everyone in poverty.

So his statement is correct. It will take forever to build a life with most people never actually achieving building a life here.

Interesting fact. Canada has major drug problems in big cities. This is east Hastings in Vancouver, Canada. A street where all the homeless addicts hangout. of course the media likes to hide this fact.

If you’re well off financially from back home Canada’s a paradise for you. Indeed it’s a beautiful country with lots of beauty to explore but remember everything comes at a cost here.

Everything comes at a cost here. People need to stop believing in this fake illusion and come only if they got a purpose here. The only reason why they;ll let you in the country is for money and once you’re in you’ll have to keep spending doesn’t matter if you’re broke or whatever you have to do.

If someone is well off financially back in their home country. They will not come to Canada. It’s the poor people who save up all their life just to come to Canada.

It’s hard to stop people from believing the illusion that Canada is an amazing country for immigrants and that they will succeeded here when the government itself is purposely lying to immigrants so they can make money from them.

Once I earn I’ll happily give up my PR status and go back to India as i very well know what the situation is how it’s gonna be in the future.

This is one thing Canadians can’t do. They can’t return to their “home” country because Canada IS their home country. Canadians have to stay here and FIGHT for their own future.

Is this why in most protests we only see white Canadians? Or is it because Canada is mostly white so we won’t see as much other skinned color Canadians?

If things get bad. Immigrants can just leave? And Canadians cant? Right?

Another Interesting fact. Poverty in the province of Nunavut which is up in the high arctic. Image being homeless in -40C vs California 20C.

So just once piece of advise to every middle class person like me. Guys invest and spend your money wisely coz we know how hard it is to earn and it’s high time Canadians start appreciating what immigrants like us do for them by burning ourselves day and night and start realizing that their past generation once came from some other part of the world as well and settled here.

Being white doesn’t make you a nice Canadian, you’re actions defines you more than your words.

90% of this country is built by immigrants and that;s how its gonna develop in the future, so if they keep treating us the same way good luck to them. : )

I’ve heard this often from immigrants. They like to pull the “immigrant card” crying and complaining that they are immigrants and Canadians SHOULD appreciate them.

His comment is hilarious. He truly wants Canadians to appreciate him because he is BURNING HIMSELF ALL DAY AND NIGHT LIKE A DOG.

In the dogs defense. Dogs in Canada have actually a pretty good life. Canadians treat their pet dog like one of their own kids.

His life is WORSE then a dog.

Let’s carry on… And that past generations were immigrants so that automatically should make us appreciate him.

Oh and it gets better..

Being white doesn’t make you a nice Canadian”

This dude pulls the immigrant card and now he pulling the “skin color” card.

Of course being white doesn’t make you Canadian. Being Canadian is simply a nationality.

In fact a lot of immigrants that eventually receive Canadian citizenship don’t even identify as Canadian. They continue to identify as their previous nationality.

You go to a job interview and identify as Indian? What does that tell the employer. That you are Indian and not Canadian. Maybe that’s why they are not hiring you.

Also a plus note to anyone thinking that Asians are stealing your jobs, go get outside and have the balls to face them and take it away from them. Staying home and ranting and abusing us that we’ve taking your opportunities and blah blah isnt gonna work. We are so successful round the world because we are hardworking, honest and respectful to the everyone.

If asians are so successful why do they come to Canada? If asians are so successful why did he make a huge ass comment about how he is struggling in Canada.

Our American brother down south are in the same situation as us. Our governments try to keep us in poverty. Although the USA is a better country then Canada. If you can… immigrate there instead of Canada

Even if we’re earning minimum and barley surviving here we always make sure we;re not burden on the government or anyone else and won’t keep crying.

His last comment is even more hilarious.

This is the difference between a lot of Canadians and immigrants is that instead of hiding in the corner and moving aside so we won’t be a “burden” to the government. Canadians step out of the corner and make sure we are a burden to the government because the government works for us and not the other way around.

And Canadians will continue to keep crying as lout as they can against the government injustice so our voices can be heard because the government needs to hear our cries. It’s currently the only weapon we have to create change.

I want to tell Canadians out there to keep pushing back against immigration & immigrants. In spite of the government calling us white supremacists and racist against immigrants. It’s important to keep pushing back because no one in this country should have special privileges.

Everyone should have equal privileges. It’s our duty to teach and lead by example to new Canadians that Canadian values is about equality.

Just because you are an immigrant or in another other group does not give you the right to more privileges then others because Canadians all around the country struggle just as much as anyone else around the country.

Being rich also does not give you privilege in Canada. I have spent time and talked to wealthy people and they have taught me how the rich are also discriminated against in Canada.

Remember that the Canadian government does care if you are rich or poor. They will equally rob from the rich and poor. Of course most poor people won’t understand the struggles of wealthy people who are gained wealth with hard work and being honest.

The government only protests itself in order to survive and keep robbing Canadians.

Remember the reason for the struggle is because of our own government.

The majority of people’s dream. Unfortunately this is hard to attain as governments around the world have worked hard to destroy families and make humans selfish. 50% of marriages end up in divorce in the west.

In conclusion:

I wish Ayush the best of luck but the reason you have not achieved anything is not because of other Canadians. It’s because of the Canadian government.

I also want to say not all immigrants think the same way as Ayush.

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