#29 – Voting should not be anonymous but corrupt Governments & Corporations hate transparency and love secrecy.

Would you eat at a restaurant/business that voted Liberal? or would you rather eat at a restaurant/business that voted Conservative?

What if you found out that all the major shops in your town(Canadian Tire, Tim Hortons) voted Liberal but all your neighbors and town were mostly Conservative?

It would make you think.. why are these owners of major corporations voting Liberal if their customers are all conservative? Would it make you mad enough to look for a different shop that voted conservative.

What if you found out that 100% of the school teachers and school administration were voting Liberal but you and your neighbors and town were mostly Conservatives.

It would make you think. How is it possible that 100% of the teachers are Liberals. Why are they not hiring any conservatives?

This is a huge reason why the governments don’t want election transparency. They don’t want you to know that they have been using liberals to infiltrate conservative communities and businesses and people in top positions of the companies or organizations.

They don’t want you to know that you have been shopping and spending your money at liberal shops and funding their political agendas with your money through your communities.

They don’t want you to know that they are indoctrinating your children using Liberal teachers and Liberal values while you are at work thinking that most teachers are conservatives teaching conservatives values.

Canada’s most known political parties

Why is there no searchable pubic database of who we voted for during elections? Why are we told anonymous elections are beneficial to fair elections.

It’s because it allows governments and bad actors using secrecy(anonymous) to cheat and rig elections and they have brainwashed us into believing that anonymous elections are important.

The reason I am writing this today is because I voted today at a provincial election. I submitted my vote to an electronic machine which was connected to the internet according to the election worker.

I asked them since it was connected to the internet. Was i able to go online and verify my vote?

They said “No. It is anonymous”

I don’t trust the elections to begin with or the voting machines. I prefer paper elections. But it’s doesn’t seem like a good system if I am not able to verify my vote after I voted. Election fraud could be achieved easily.

I’ve never had any issues telling people who i voted for. They end up discussing politics with me and I find out that they voted conservative.

I’ve also noticed that most people around me were also conservatives.

I very rarely meet any Liberals and the signs out on lawns are usually mostly conservatives even in some heavily Liberal neighborhoods.

This is why I have always thought elections were not honest and thought there was fraud involved.

There is no way to verify the fraud and we have no database to see who voted what.

In the past after election was over. To find out the results, we only had the TV and Media telling us “who was winning”

Fast forward 2023 we are finding out that the Main Stream Media is extremely corrupt and have been involved in election cheating in the USA with President Trump.

Have they been involved in election rigging in Canada? I believe so.

We have been seeing information of election interference by China as well.

Lots of articles online about the Chinese Communist Party interfering in Canadian elections

The Trump elections really opened my eyes. I loved President trump from the beginning. I knew he wasn’t any normal president. He wasn’t part of the Deep State bankers cartel that I have been trying to expose for 2 decades.

It was the first time I saw people get angry at each other. People getting fired for being a trump supporter. People attacking others because they supported trump.

Throughout the trump candidacy & presidency I started noticed that corporations and media were heavily involved in politics. Much more then i originally thought.

99.9% of them supported Hilary Clinton and were commanding their Hollywood, Media & Corporate pawns to attack president Trump.

I would not spend my money at any restaurant/shop that voted Liberal. I am against Liberal politics and values.

This is how the free market capitalism is supposed to work. You go to restaurants that align with your values.

We are seeing this much more in 2023. We are seeing people boycott “bud light” & “target” who are purposely pushing the LGBT agenda and trying to corrupt your children into changing genders.

Target grooming children into their LGBT agenda

That’s what free market capitalism does to companies and small business. It bankrupts them and the people have the power to chose what business gets their money.

Currently we are not able to see if the business owners support the same political values as you.

I have seen some small business put “pride” flags on their business. I always skip these business.

If I suspect the owners are liberal. I will take my money somewhere else.

I try to shop only in Libertarian or Conservative small business and try my best to avoid Corporations. Although skipping corporations in Canada is extremely difficult because they have been working together with the government to completely destroy small business.

Unfortunately. In Canada we do not have a free market. We have a corporate socialist society.

If there was a public database where we could search people’s name to see who they voted for. I would bet that the majority these corporations are voting Liberal even in heavily Conservative areas like Alberta.

Why would they vote Liberal in a conservative area. Because a lot of people who run corporations have no loyalty to their community or province or country. They are loyal to the Liberal party. These corrupt owners are the ones bribing politicians to push corporate laws so small business cannot compete with them.

People’s lives will not improve unless we start exposing & bankrupting these corporations and business who vote Liberal.

Liberals are a major reason why Canada is corrupt and they have no interest in improving the country for Canadians. They are only interested in destroying Canada and keeping us poor and making sure small business do not make money because once a business starts making money. They are able to give donations to their politicians parties. Money equals political power.

The Liberal party is compromised by the bankers, WEF, globalists and Chinese Communist Party.

Known members of the Liberal caucus with ties to the WEF

This is why having a public database where you can search who is voting for who is necessary.

It seems scary to have a public database where your neighbor can search who you voted for.

Some of the arguments against a public database is that if you voted Conservative and your boss is Liberal. They would fire you. This is mostly likely true. If we had a public database there would be a huge transfer of employment.

Conservative employees would flock to business that have conservative bosses and liberals would flock to business that have liberal bosses.

I suspect that the liberal business would have a hard time finding liberal employees in provinces like Alberta. They would most likely have to move to a Liberal province or close.

But the government and corporations are not stupid. They would easily solve this by hiring foreign workers. Foreign workers can’t vote and they will also work for lower wages.

Corporations have actually been replacing Canadians in corporations with foreign workers for the reason above.

This fight has been going on for decades and decades. We the people against the corporations & governments.

Politicians & Corporations exchanging money for laws that will benefit corporations and squash small business.

I’ve only voted 4 times in my life.

I’ve had a rough time learning about the political system and politics in general. Most of the friends i grew up did not have any understanding of the election system. No one sat around talking about politics. I had to use the internet and search things for myself. Even so there was not a whole lot of information online in the past.

As i grew older most people around me were never interested in talking about politics. Some told me it was better not to talk about politics to anyone because it always causes arguments or division.

I disagree. It’s important to talk about politics. The government has been brainwashing people into never talking about politics because if you never talk about politics then you become politically illiterate and it has been working. People of Canada and around the world do not understand politics as much as they should.

Here’s what I voted in the past.

2006(Federal) – Conservative(Harper)

2008(Federal) – Can’t remember(I don’t think i voted)

2011(Federal) – Conservative(Harper)

2019(Federal) – Didn’t vote

2021(Federal) – PPC(Bernier)

2024(Provincial) – UCP(Smith)

As you can see I am a Libertarian but the Libertarian party in Canada is almost non-existent.

Every time I go to vote there is no Libertarian Candidate in my area. So i end up voting conservative.

It wasn’t until 2021 when a new party PPC(People’s Party of Canada) came to be. They are more libertarian then conservative but still not libertarian enough.

Should I sign up as a Libertarian candidate next election?

Did you know Bitcoin libertarian? Bitcoin taught me money politics

Most Canadians I talk to normally only know a Liberal and Conservative politics and a few other parties which are also Liberal.

Hard to find Libertarians in Canada. In the Bitcoin community there is tons of libertarians. Once Bitcoin becomes the world’s reserve currency and standard. I suspect we will see lots of more Libertarians.

By the way. I see myself as a libertarian not conservative. I don’t mind conservative people. I’ve been around them all my life but the issue I have with them is they do not understand free market capitalism and most of all they don’t understand the banking system.

The banking system which is corrupt and runs the world and is keeping the conservatives poor.

The conservative party policies don’t benefit conservatives. The conservatives party is not interested in helping conservative people succeed. The conservative party is still heavily involved and gives preference to corporations. The conservative party is not a conservative party. They are a anti-free market capitalist corporatism party disguised as conservative.

I’ve been trying to wake the eyes of conservatives all my life.

If you look at the history of Canada’s elections throughout the 156 years since 1867

It’s always the Conservative party and Liberal party “taking turns winning” except for 1 year another different party actually won.

There is a video online where President Bush is joking with another president. I think either Obama or Clinton. They were joking “it’s your turn to win”

It was an inside joke between them. Telling each other that both parties(Republican and Democratic) are on the same team. They both take turns winning. Giving the people an illusion of democracy.

I suggest everyone read the book “THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION”

In this book above explains how the masters of money(bankers) rig both political parties to give us an illusion of democracy.

Speaking of public databases. In another post i will talk about how we also need a searchable public database of who owns the houses/land in Canada. This would allow us to search and find out who owns the land/house. This would allow us to see if the owners are Canadian or not AND to see how many other properties they own.

I suspect there is a lot of non-Canadians and politicians who own multiple properties/land in Canada.

The government already knows how many houses we own but we can’t see how many homes our politicians own?

What if we found out a politician or multiple politicians owned 50 homes in Canada. How would you feel?

What if we found out by searching the database that a corporation who’s owner was a foreigner owned 50,000 homes?

Homes belong to the people who live in that province/state. Not foreigners or corporations.

This past 5 years i’ve seen websites listing the price a house was bought and sold and the date. I thought that was amazing.

Transparency in the housing market is starting to happen and it’s good.

In conclusion.

The whole election process needs to be re-done and there needs to be more transparency and less anonymous voting.

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