About Me

Hi, I'm mario. I'm a Systems & Networks Administrator and web developer.

I've been working with computers as work or as a hobby all my life. I love anything computer related software & hardware.

Citizenship: Canadian

Location: Alberta

Politics: Libertarian

Native Language: English ★★★★★

Other Languages:

French : Advanced: ★★★★☆

Spanish: Intermediate: ★★★☆☆

Chinese: Beginner: ★★☆☆☆

Systems & Networks Administrator:

I have experience in working with Linux & Windows servers and software.

I've done paid work for various websites in the past and currently continue to maintain
and help others with their online websites.

I've launched from scratch many Linux command line based servers.

Web developer:

I have some basic knowledge in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP & Javascript. This website is maintianed & created by me.

I love Bitcoin and believe it's the future. I got into Bitcoin because i wanted to help destory the EVIL & corrupt banking system that is keeping humanity ensalved through the debt basted system.
I am not interested in profits or the price of Bitcoin. I am in it for the technology & freedom!
I can however say that I own a total of 1 whole Bitcoin. I am a WholeCoiner! My plan is to keep it for untouched for 25 years.
My Message to all the people who did not get rich off Bitcoin is to not worry about the protfits of Bitcoin.
Instead try to understand and learn about it.
I'm not upset that I did not get rich off Bitcoin. I am instead happy that the Bitcoin was created by Satoshi and is going to free humanity & reveal the truth.
I reccommend the following Bitcoin books "The Internet of Money" by Andreas Antonopuls & "The Bitcoin Standard" by Saifedean Ammous.


I served in the Canadian Military as Computer Technician but was kicked out in 2022 for not complying with the covid directive.
I kept a low-profile online during my service due to having administrator access to many military servers. I took network security seriously.

The biggest issue I had with the military is that our alligence is with the Queen and her family and not the Canadian people or the country.
The greatest thing I learned is that every Canadian should always have a weapon in their home because if things get so bad that the military needs to get involved.
The majority would follow orders because of their alligence or finanical debt situation. Canadian soliders would shoot upon the people.
Luckily for the soliders the system and government is setup that the local police or federal police will do the shooting first.

I have many bad things to say about the military and was I never proud of my service as i've always hated the Royal Family .
But i do not regret my service it taught me how to use a weapon, how to survive, defend my home and understand politics.

I will contiune to fight for freedom as long as I live Canada. There is many good people inside this country fighting for freedom as well.
Frankly, Canada should slowly merge and be part of the USA.
Inspite of the British monachry and other countries trying to destory America since 1776 by infiltration. America is still standing strong!
The American system of freedom is the BEST in the world. Someday I hope to be American.

Flat Earth:

I love Flat Earth. It's is one of the greatest topics I have ever resesearched. If you want to really find out how deep someone's mind is stuck inside of this matrix . Question them about flat earth. Flat Earth tends to really make people angry. Some people won't even want to listen to it. Their mind is programmed to push you away. Flat Earth questions everything that people have been indoctrinted with at school. It's almost as when you start questioning people who are deep in the matrix their brain is programmed to get angry or get scared of this topic.


On my spare time I learn languages, playing music & like making friends online.

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